The Kenergy is real with our Ken Collection!

The Kenergy is real with our Ken Collection!

Happy Birthday Ken!

Did you know that Ken turned 63 years old today?! On Monday 11th March, Ken celebrated his 63rd birthday and to carry on the birthday celebrations, we wanted to spread the Kenergy! 

Ken's birthday is on the 11th March 1961 which makes him two years and two days younger than Barbie. Think it's safe to say he's been serving lewks since 1961.

Now if you're like us, and you just can't get "Kenough" of the Barbie movie, then you're going to love our Ken products.

Here at VU, we wanted to bring Kencore to life with our exclusive collection of Ken T-Shirts. We're all just Ken. But that's okay, because we are Kenough. 

Do you know a Ken? Spread the positive Kenergy around with our exclusive Ken collection.

Barbie Kencore Men's White T-Shirt - £16.95

Barbie Arm Candy Classic Men's White T-Shirt - £15.95

Barbie Ken Arm Candy Retro Men's White T-Shirt - £15.95

Barbie Ken Serving Lewks Men's White T-Shirt - £15.95

Barbie He Ken Do It All Men's White T-Shirt - £16.95

Barbie Ken Face In Logo Men's Black T-Shirt - £16.95

 It's Ken, helping to spread love, hope and unity since 1961. 


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