Let's talk about Pusheen!

Let's talk about Pusheen!


Back in 2010, Pusheen began as an animated cat, created by artist Claire Belton and her partner Andrew Duff for a comic strip on their website. After the original Pusheen comic was created, Claire Belton was inspired to start a Tumblr page dedicated to the character. Within weeks of being launched, the Tumblr page had 10,000 followers and quickly became a viral sensation, with images of Pusheen being shared across the internet hundreds of thousands of times every week!

Since them Pusheen the Cat has taken the internet by storm and the tubby tabby cat is STILL bringing laughter and smiles to millions of peoples faces worldwide.

The nation's favourite tubby cat became famous through her animated comics and GIFs posted on Pusheen.com, as well as through her widely used animated stickers on multiple social media platforms.

Fast forward to the present day and the Pusheen brand is a global phenomenon with a growing cast of characters, and licensed merchandise available all over the world. Pusheen continues to warm hearts and tickle funny bones of tens of millions of fans worldwide and we just love her! So much so, that we now have our own Pusheen merchandise at VU! 

From cosy loungewear to the CUTEST mug and fluffy sock sets, we are obsessed with our current Pusheen products and can't wait to continue to expand our line of licensed Pusheen products.

Do you love Pusheen as much as we do? Or know someone who is a massive Pusheen fan? Check out our range of Pusheen products below:

Pusheen ‘VUddie’ oversized blanket hoodie - £34.99 

Pusheen Girls Bathrobe - Brown - £19.99 


Pusheen Girls Bathrobe - Pink - £19.99 

Pusheen Girls Onesie - Brown - £18.99

Pusheen Girls Onesie - Pink - £18.99


Pusheen Catpusheeno Character Cappuccino Mug & Stencil Accessories Set - £18.99 

Pusheen & Sloth Lazy Club Mug & Fluffy Sock Set - £13.99 

Pusheen Ladies Mug & Fluffy Sock Set - £13.99 

Pusheen Unicorn Rainbow Lunch Bag, Bottle and Snack pot Set - £18.99 

Pusheen the Cat Door Mat - £14.99 

Shop All Things Pusheen! 

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