Celebrate National Barbie Day with us!

Celebrate National Barbie Day with us!

Happy Barbie Day!

It's time to bust out our favourite pink outfits and get ready to celebrate the one and only Barbie! Whether you played with her as a child or still collect her dolls today, there's no denying the impact Barbie has had on pop culture and society as a whole.

On this special day, we get to honour the amazing doll who continues to inspire generations of kids (and adults) to not only believe in themselves, but to believe in their hopes and dreams. From her stylish outfits to her impressive careers, Barbie has always been a trailblazer. She has broken down barriers and proven that girls can do anything that they set their minds to.

Whether you're planning on binge-watching old episodes of "Life in the Dreamhouse", or simply reminiscing about the good old days with your favourite doll, let's take a moment to appreciate all the joy and positivity that Barbie has brought into our lives.

In celebration of the true icon that is Barbie, we are excited to share our exclusive collection of Barbie products with you all!

From T-Shirt dresses to all things cosy, our Barbie range spans across all ages. You're never too old to love Barbie after all!


Barbie Girls Multicoloured Bucket Hat - £12.99

Barbie Girls Pink Rainbow Tie Dye Cap - £12.99 

Barbie Girls T-Shirt + Tie Dye Cycle Short Set - £14.99 

Barbie T-Shirt 2 Pack - £14.99

Barbie Animal Print Hooded Dress - £19.99 

Barbie T-Shirt 2 Pack - £13.99 

Barbie 2 Pack Dress Set - £19.99

Barbie Long Sleeve Top with Shoulder Frill - £11.99

Barbie Tie Dye Girls Swimsuit - £12.99

Barbie Fearless, Bold, Strong Animal Print Pyjamas - £14.99 

Barbie Faux Fur Slippers - £13.99

Barbie Dressing Gown - £19.99

Barbie Fleece Girls Pyjamas - £16.99 

Barbie Animal Print 2 Pack Leggings - £11.99

Barbie Hoodie and Leggings Set - £18.99

Barbie Logo Print Wellies - £19.99

Barbie Knitted Hat and Gloves Set - £14.99



Barbie Embroidered Logo Cap - £14.99

Barbie Distressed Logo Crop Tee - £17.99

Barbie Cropped Tee - £13.99

Barbie Embroidered Logo Beanie - £14.99

Barbie ‘Working from Home’ Women’s T-Shirt - £17.99


Barbie ‘Love Everyone’ Pride T-Shirt - £17.99

Barbie Oversized All Over Print Logo Tee - £16.99

Barbie Animal Print PJs - £21.99

Barbie Dressing Gown - £29.99

Barbie Crossover Fluffy Slippers - £17.99

Check out our full Barbie collection HERE! :)

Coming soon...

Barbie Oversized T-Shirt Dress - £24.99

Barbie Cali Vibes Pink Oversized T-Shirt Dress - £24.99

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