BOO-tiful Ways to Dress Up this Halloween!

BOO-tiful Ways to Dress Up this Halloween!

Halloween is fast approaching with just two weeks to go, and the yearly tradition of wearing a costume is creeping on us. 

Here at VU, we are screaming with excitement at the thought of dressing up for Halloween this year, so much so, we want to share some of our favourite costumes ideas with you all!

Dressing up for Halloween doesn't necessarily mean you have to go all out, there are soooo many ways to re-create your favourite fictional characters in the most simple (but effective) way. 

Still can't decide what to dress up as for Halloween this year? From Jack Skellington to Deadpool, we've gathered our favourite fang-tastic fits for you to choose from! 


Harry Potter Adults Replica Gowns - £30.99

Star Wars R2D2 Women’s Costume Dress - £21.99

The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Women’s Costume Dress - £28.95

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Women’s Dress - £23.99

Wonder Woman Women’s Costume Dress- £22.99

The Legend of Zelda Classic Women’s Costume Dress - £23.99

Disney Alice In Wonderland Alice Women’s Costume Dress - £20.99

Stranger Things Hellfire Club Adults White T-Shirt - £16.99

Marvel Captain America Men’s Costume T-Shirt - £13.99 

Marvel Deadpool Men’s Costume T-Shirt - £13.99 

The Legend Of Zelda Classic Costume Men’s T-Shirt - £13.99 

Star Wars Chewbacca Costume Men’s T-Shirt - £13.99 


Harry Potter Kids Replica Gown - £18.99 

Stranger Things Hellfire Club Kids T-Shirt - £10.99 

Disney Toy Story Jessie Costume Girls T-Shirt - £11.99 

Disney Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Boys Costume T-Shirt - £9.99 

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Girls Dress - £14.99 

Wonder Woman Girls Costume Dress - £13.99 

Disney Toy Story Jessie Girls Costume Dress - £13.99 

The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Girl’s Costume Dress - £13.99

On the hunt for even more? Style up this spooky season with our ever-growing Halloween collection including t-shirts and loungewear pieces. 

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