The Lion King Lunchbag & Bottle Set

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You know that horrible feeling when you're hungry and thirsty but there's no herd of wild antelopes to stalk or watering hole nearby? Equipped with this Lion King Lunch Box and Sports Bottle you won't have to worry about this issue for the rest of your days - hakuna matata!

Lion King Lunch Box:
With dimensions of 23 x 8 x 19.5cm you'll have the ability to store a lunchtime meal fit for a lion. Made of a polyester with a safe PVC front panel, this officially licensed lunch box is durable and easily cleaned. The colourful design features fan favourite characters Simba atop Pride Rock with the words "Ready to Rule" to the left of him.

Lion King Lunch Sports Bottle:
With the ability to store up to 600ml of any cool, refreshing beverage of your choice, this bottle comes with a easy to use, flip-up drinking spout, ensuring none of your drink goes to waste on the move. Made of polypropylene plastic, this officially licensed bottle is durable and reliable. The colourful design features fan favourite characters Simba, Timon and Pumbaa.

  • Colourful Lion King character design
  • Lunchbox features a zip closed insulated compartment
  • Bottle features a flip-up drinking spout
  • Great for Disney fans
  • Officially licensed merchandise


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