Harry Potter Hogwarts Letter Envelope Stationary Pencil Case

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Add a spot of magic to your stationary set with this premium Harry Potter letter pencil case! Perfect for keeping your pens and pencil safe this stylish pencil case is taken from the iconic owl mail as seen within the wizarding world. With great attention to detail this pencil case sees the Hogwarts school crest and seal along with Harry Potter's address at the Dursey's house on the back. With a zipped close and cool envelope shape this pencil case is great for back to school, college or university.

  • Officially licensed Harry Potter Merchandise
  • Cool letter shaped pencil case with Hogwarts Seal
  • Great attention to detail
  • Measures 22cm (8.7") Long x 10cm (3.9") Wide x 7cm (2.8") Deep - Top Zip Fastening
  • Soft PU material

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