Funko Pop! Flash TV Reverse Flash Vinyl Figure

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The perfect addition to your Funko collection this official Flash TV Reverse Flash vinyl figure showcases one of the main supervillains from the Flash TV series. The figure showcases the supervillain from the future known as Eobard Thawne who is referred to as Reverse-Flash; this vinyl figure sees the character in the striking yellow and black costume with red flash symbol.This Funko Pop! Flash TV Reverse Flash vinyl figure measures 3.75 inches and is presented in a window box packaging. Please be aware that each Funko figure is individually hand painted so imperfections and differences between figures may occur. Each figure and box is unique and in a new and unopened condition, this image is a fair representation of the product.

  • Officially licensed merchandise
  • Funko Pop
  • Multicoloured
  • Unisex-Adult
  • Official The Flash TV Series merchandise

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