Crash Bandicoot Extra Life Crate Brown Door Mat 40x60cm

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SKU G53422

This door mat is a must have for anyone playing the remastered/old school video game Crash Bandicoot. Featuring the awesome 90's nostalgic bandicoot's face in the centre of the brown welcome mat with an "extra life" crate as the all over background. Perfect as a gift this floor mat is suitable as an indoor or outdoor accessory. This mat measures approximately 60xs40x1.5cm and is made from a coir material. Please follow care label instructions carefully.

  • Official Crash Bandicoot merchandise
  • Featuring the 90's nostalgic Crash Bandicoot
  • Perfect doormat for indoor or outdoor
  • Measuring 40x60x1.5cm
  • Please follow care label instructions carefully

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