Which Avenger are you? Quiz

Which Avenger are you? Quiz

With a great quiz comes great responsibility. 

As children, we grew up admiring superheroes like Spiderman, Batman, Wonder Woman and even The Powerpuff Girls. We were captivated by their superpowers, unique personalities, and the fictional worlds in which they came from. Now as adults, superheroes still have the ability to bring out the kid that still exists within us all. 

Back in 1995, Marvel Comics created National Superhero Day to recognise and honor those fictional characters who have brought light and hope to the world through comics and movies. 

To celebrate Superhero Day next week on the 28th April, we have put together a a personality quiz to find out which Avenger you would be! 

From super soldiers to god-like figures. Here is your chance to find out who you would be and if you're capable to fight evil. 

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