We’ve decided to start our very own Vanilla Underground blog!

Who are we?

In case you didn’t know and have stumbled across this post before exploring our website, Vanilla Underground is an online shopping experience that is dedicated to fans of movies, music, TV, art, gaming and comic books that are looking for the latest fashion and gifts.

We aim to be the go-to place for all your movie, TV, gaming and pop culture merchandise needs.

Start of Something New by Troy and Gabriella from High School Musical

Why have we started a blog?

At Vanilla Underground, we understand the fans, because we are the fans! We wanted to create a community for superfans like ourselves to talk about all the things we love. 

BUT we also want to open up the conversation to YOU. Tell us your favourite Disney Character, talk to us about your childhood classics, we want to know!

As superfans ourselves we want to talk about all things pop culture with YOU. We want to fangirl/boy alongside you.

From Disney to Harry Potter, Marvel to Pokemon, Star Wars to Cult Classics, we’ve got you covered.

We will be sprinkling some pixie dust onto your screens with reviews, recommendations, releases, tips and fun info on all things Pop Culture. We may even throw in some quizzes along the way!

Also, if you are stuck on what to watch this weekend or need some gift inspo, Vanilla Underground can help you with out with that too.

Our Spidey senses are tingling with excitement, so stay tuned for weekly blog posts!

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