Virtual Chat with @bethgporter 💜✨

Virtual Chat with @bethgporter 💜✨

Now we all know that Instagram is a great social platform for building communities and opening up opportunities for like-minded people to connect with each other. 

The most magical community on earth has got to be the Disney community.

Disney holds a special place in millions of peoples hearts and because of the power of its magic, the love for Disney continues to grow across the world and every social media platform. Disney has led to so many content creators dedicating their Instagram feed to the magic. Whether that is posting their pics in front of the Cinderella Castle or the Tree of Life, or showing off their new Disney merchandise, Disney has allowed so many people worldwide to become a part of a community that is truly magical.

Beth, also know as the PurplePrincess is an incredible content creator from Glasgow, Scotland. Beth created her Instagram account @bethgporter in 2016, the same year she graduated from university with a degree in Photography. 

With her boundless admiration and love for Disney, photography and the colour purple, Beth combined her three passions and put her heart (and great content making skills) into her Instagram platform which has now led her to having over 20,000 followers and the most aesthetically pleasing feed on Instagram!

After discovering Beth's feed on Instagram and seeing her love for all things Disney, we wanted to know more about Beth and what it takes to be a Disney content creator. 

From Disney Princesses to all things purple, we thought it would be great to (virtually) sit down with Beth to ask her about all things content creation and of course, Disney!

What is it about Disney that you love so much?

I love the pure joy it brings to so many people and brings them together, no matter how old or young. Just the simple happiness of remembering to never grow up, never lose your imagination and the childlike joy of life. 

With over 20,000 followers on Instagram, how did you build up your following?

To this day, I am still astounded at the amount of followers. It has been a good few years now so I've built this up slowly but organically. I've definitely adapted to the ongoing changes to Instagram. I'm so grateful for the love and support through the app.

We are OBSESSED with your feed and how aesthetically pleasing (and purple it is). Is it difficult to maintain a colour scheme on your feed?

Sometimes it can be, but not normally as I just love purple and own a lot of purple things. It follows me where I go now!

Random question, but why purple?

So many people ask me this and I find it hard to answer other than I'm just attracted to the colour, I have been ever since I was little. It's only in the last few years I've not been afraid to let it show. The colour purple also represents the meaning of creativity, which I think is a good representation of me. 

As a huge Disney fan, what made you decide to dedicate your social platforms to Disney?

I don't remember a time when I didn't love Disney. I have done ever since I was little and having parents who both love and enjoy aspects of Disney had a big influence on me. But I started my Disney account when I was sadly made redundant from my job the same year I graduated from my degree in photography, so I had a lot of free time on my hands. I decided to just start photographing my collection and I stumbled upon a whole community through Instagram!

What/who inspires you?

This a tough one as I haven't really thought about it before, but without being too predictable, it has to be Walt Disney. What an inspiration to everyone! He's taught us to never lose hope in your dreams and through many hardships and failures, he never lost hope and made his dream a reality.

What's it like being a part of the Disney community?

It is a whole bubble I never even knew existed and I'm so grateful as I have made wonderful online friends from around the globe. Some of whom I've had the pleasure of meeting in person now. This community has brought me so many incredible opportunities I never even imagined. 

What is your favourite thing about creating content?

I get excited when I post something I've put a lot of effort into or had a lot of fun creating. Sharing that joy and pleasure with others is really heart-warming. 

What is your favourite type of content to produce?

This is hard, I'm really enjoying creating reels right now. But I love posting anything involving Disney or fashion and beauty.

How long does it take you to create content?

It can be hit or miss, sometimes the ideas just come to me like a strike of lightning, and other days I can really struggle to get the creative juices flowing. Editing reels can be a challenge at times and frustrating.

Do you have a weekly schedule to help you plan out what content you are going to upload?

I used to be really strict with a schedule and I would stress if I hadn't posted in a number of days. It can be difficult to find the right balance, I've learnt not to put pressure on myself and I'm allowed to have down time and be with my family.

How do you maintain a work/life balance alongside creating content for your social platforms?

This has always been tough, and for me right now I haven't been as active as I would like to be due to work. I have learnt that it's not the end of the world if I don't post regularly although I do love to, but it's good to have down time and enjoy being with loved ones. I usually give myself a bit of my day off to create content so I have a lot ready to post.

This could be a difficult question to answer but if you could theme your feed to any other colour, which colour would you choose?

Probably pink, it's the next best thing to purple!

What is your favourite Disney park and why?

I've still yet to go to all six of them, but for me it has to be the original, Disneyland CA. It was the first ever Disney park I set foot in as a child and it is just so special as it was Walt's version. 

If you could be any Disney character, who would you be and why?

It has to be Belle. She has always been my favourite from when I was a little girl. I always thought I looked just like her and she is just so brave and forthright. I love that.

If you could live by any Disney quote, which one would you choose?

One of my favourite Disney quotes is "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." Walt is a big example of that. It takes courage to believe in yourself and go for your dreams and it won't be easy, but if they're your dreams, then go for it.

Favourite spot to take pictures in Disneyland/Walt Disney World?

This is so tough as there are so many amazing photo ops, but probably Main Street and in front of the castle. There is just something so magical about Main Street and of course, the castle! 

Favourite season to style for?

My all time favourite seasons are autumn/winter. I love Halloween and Christmas and cosy nights. I have a LOT of Disney jumpers to wear during the cold months, particularly as where I'm from the winters can be very cold!

As you own a lot of Disney items, what's your favourite piece of Disney merchandise that you own?

Oh gosh this is probably one of the toughest questions, I have so many pieces that I love and mean something to me. But I think if I had to pick just one it would be my limited edition winter Belle doll. When she was originally released I sadly missed out on getting one, despite getting up at 4am and keeping money aside for her. But a year later my family all chipped in and bought her for me for my birthday, so that means a lot to me.

As a lover of all things Disney, what is one Disney item you just couldn't live without?

Oh I don't know, I have too many to choose from! Maybe one of my many loungefly backpacks? I love them and use them regularly. 

What advice would you give to someone who wishes to start creating their own content?

Just do what you love! If you like it then that's what matters and there will most likely be others out there that love it too. Don't stop being you! 

Top tips for creating a Disney social account:

Find other accounts you enjoy and who gets you inspired. You don't need to continue to buy all the new merch, sometimes we can lose sight of that. All you need is a love of something. 

Do you have any goals for 2022?

To continue to grow and work with some of my favourite companies, and I'd love to get a trip to Disney booked.

Any final words of wisdom?

Do what you love and love what you do!

It can be hard to not focus on the numbers, especially as Instagram continues to grow and change. Learn to adapt with is but never lose sight of why you started and always be true to yourself.

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