Top Tips for your trip to Disneyland Paris!

Top Tips for your trip to Disneyland Paris!

Due to the pandemic, Disneyland Paris unfortunately had to shut its doors for a very VERY long time. BUT that time has finally come for the magic to ignite once again! 

Yesterday, Disneyland Paris opened its doors once again and we couldn’t be happier! However, unfortunately for us UK folk, France is still on the amber list so we are unable to visit the parks yet! BUT for when that time comes, we thought that we would help you prepare for when it's time for us to return.

When you get to Disneyland there is just so much to do and you really do not know where to start so we thought with the parks finally reopening, we would put together our top tips for a trip to Disneyland! In hope that if you ever decide to go (whether you are 16 or 60), our guide will help you on your way to planning the most magical trip ever!

Make the most of the day and get to the park early! –  Extra magic hours are available to guests who are staying in a Disney hotel on property. From experience, getting up that extra hour earlier is definitely worth the effort.

Now, we’re all not morning people but when you’re at Disney, waking up super early doesn’t seem that bad. With barely anyone in the parks that early in the morning, take as many pictures as you can! You will be able to get that shot of you in front of the castle with nobody in the background! Suddenly that 6am alarm doesn’t sound that bad right?

Star Wars: Hyperspace Mountain – Hands down one of the best rides at Disneyland! If you’re into fast rollercoasters, then Hyperspace Mountain is definitely for you, it gives you that adrenaline rush that keeps you going all day!

Visit a themed restaurant – Scattered around the parks there are several different places to eat that you’re almost spoilt for choice. A personal favourite is Café Mickey , where you can have Mickey Mouse shaped pizza! Pizza + Disney combined = Our idea of heaven! You can even meet some of your favourite characters there too! Cafe Mickey is located in Disney Village where you can also explore The Rainforest Cafe, King Ludwig's Castle, Planet Hollywood and more!

Make the most of the Fast Passes! – As expected, the parks can get super busy! So instead of missing out on riding your favourite ride, or you don’t fancy waiting in a 2 hour queue then use the Fast Pass system. You have an allocated slot where you can jump the queue and get on the rides quicker which is pretty awesome and gives you a lot more time to explore Disneyland!

Take selfies with your favourite Disney Characters! – Personally this is one of our favourite things to do and we’re in our late 20s! Meeting a character that you’ve loved ever since you were little just brings the magic and imagination back to when you were younger and it makes your Disney experience a lot more exciting.

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to meet several different characters and loved every minute of it! The improvisation and the acting from the characters is incredible and they definitely do not get enough credit. It’s an experience like no other and we can guarantee that if you’re taking your kids to meet their favourite character, chances are you will be just as excited!

Always be on the lookout! - One thing we have learnt from our previous trips to Disneyland Paris is that you never know when a character may show up. One day you could be strolling down Main Street USA and Donald Duck is taking pictures with visitors just by Casey’s Corner! You never know when or where your favourite character might pop up so always be on the lookout. In the past few years, selfie spots have been placed in certain locations for certain Disney characters. For example, you can meet Peter Pan and Wendy in Adventureland just in front of the Jolly Roger or you could enter into a galaxy far, far away in Discoveryland and meet the likes of Chewbacca or even Darth Vader! Times are usually released on the day.

Buy some Disney merch- You can’t go to Disneyland without buying some sort of Disney merchandise! The shops in Disneyland are amazing and without a doubt you’ll fit right in wearing a pair of Mickey or Minnie ears. Trust me - it’s all apart of the experience!

Watch the Parade – Watching the parade just puts a smile on your face whatever age you are! They bring all your favourite Disney Characters together and if you missed out on the chance of meeting them from walking around the park, watching the parade is the perfect opportunity to see your favourite characters! P.S. If you want a good view of the parade, make sure you check out the times of the parades and get there early!

Stay in a Disney themed hotel – In our opinion, staying in a Disney themed hotel definitely adds to the whole Disneyland experience. Within walking distance to both parks, and access to the Disney Village (where there are amazing shops!) you couldn’t be in a better place. The rooms are primarily based on Disney films and you also get the chance to meet some of the main Disney characters within the hotel. 

For all the cosy vibes we recommend Sequoia Lodge - our personal favourite!

Watch the Disney Fireworks- This is definitely one thing you cannot miss when going to Disneyland! The Disney Fireworks display is by far one of the most amazing things you will ever witness. It’s not your average fireworks display. The fireworks extravaganza uses lights, lasers and special effects alongside featuring all your favourite Disney songs! The special effects, laser and holographic performance is one not to be missed. We would have to go as far as saying that watching the fireworks is quite possibly our favourite thing to do at Disneyland. It is truly magical and you may just shed a tear (or two!).

Top tip: A great spot to view the show is standing in front of the popcorn stands by the bins (just trust us!)

And finally, Don’t be afraid to be excited- You’re never too old for Disney! – This point isn’t really something specific to do, however don’t be afraid to let out your inner child. Disney is for all ages after all, and Disneyland is not just aimed for the young. There are several things for all ages to do there.

Your next trip to Disneyland may look a lot different due to the pandemic but don’t let that stop you from embracing the magic. Disneyland is a place full of imagination and is the perfect palace to escape to fairy tale worlds beyond your wildest dreams. Whether your next trip is with your family, friends or your other half, we can assure you that you will have the most magical time capturing selfies with beloved characters as you wander between attractions.

Are you planning a trip to Disneyland Paris sometime soon?

Let us know in the comments below! And comment what you are most looking forward to doing whilst in Disneyland!

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