Top 10 Star Wars Characters to celebrate Star Wars Day!

Top 10 Star Wars Characters to celebrate Star Wars Day!

Tomorrow is a special day for Star Wars fans all over the galaxy.

Not that long ago in a galaxy, far, far away, Star Wars fans found the perfect way to celebrate their obsession with the franchise by creating Star Wars Day on a very iconic date to say the least.. 

In case you didn't know, tomorrow is the 4th of May, which can only mean one thing... Happy Star Wars Day!

To celebrate the occasion, what better way to celebrate than to talk about all things Star Wars?!

Whether you like the movies or not, there's a good chance that you've seen at least one movie in your lifetime and you must be aware that some of the most iconic movie scenes of all time have come from the Star Wars movie franchise. 

After three trilogies and a handful of spin-off films, the Star Wars movies are FULL of unforgettable moments (and characters) that will go down in cinematic history. 

With so many movies comes a LOT of iconic (and not so iconic) characters!

Now we all have our favourites, but some of them stand out above the rest.

Between 12 movies and several spin-off series, both live-action and animated, you're probably thinking... how could we possibly choose our favourites?!

Well, let me tell you.. with great difficulty! 

With that being said, get your lightsabers ready and join us in celebrating our favourite Star Wars characters from the entire Skywalker Saga.


Fearless, loyal and a true hero. When we were first introduced to Rey, we instantly fell in love with her character. From her confidence to her being unapologetically confrontational, we can see why little girls now aspire to be just like Rey! Rey's optimism and empathy is something we truly admire and what makes Rey such a special character is how relatable she is. Whilst dealing with her own struggles and holding back the darkness within her, we get to see her strength shine through and we can only hope we get to see more of Rey in the future!

Obi Wan Kenobi 

How can you not love Obi Wan?! A force to be reckoned with in our eyes. Obi Wan was always thinking ahead and was able to stay ahead of the enemy. From being extremely wise to knowing when to follow rules and when to bend them, we couldn't put together a list of our favourite iconic Star Wars characters without including Obi Wan.

Han Solo 

"I love you!" "I know."

One of the saga's most complex characters, yet one of the best. From his unruly charm to his sense of adventure, Han Solo is truly iconic. He's larger than life in ways we all want to be and yes he's vain, greedy and makes dumb choices but he's also very appealing, charming and in the end, always chooses good over evil.

Boba Fett 

Boba Fett is an interesting character to say the least. He's got a helmet, jetpack and a big dent where he got shot in the head and survived. Need we say more?!


We all need a teacher like Yoda in our lives. Someone who can seize every opportunity and moment to teach and drop knowledge. Small in size but very wise and powerful. 

Princess Leia 

Princess Leia is why people should not mess with princesses. Leia is smart, determined, courageous and her bravery and strength are just a handful of qualities that make her the perfect female role model. We love Leia!


Luke Skywalker 

Intelligent, wise, brave, impulsive, and loyal. Yes he can be overconfident, short-tempered and a little unpredictable but Skywalker has the ability to see the good in others and although we're all not Jedi's like Luke, his personality traits are what make him such a relatable character. 


The metal droid that just makes you want to cuddle him. How can you not love BB-8?! It's hard to explain just how and why he's so cute but he just is the most adorable thing. 

Darth Maul

A man of few words but a real pioneer. Because of Darth Maul we always wanted to own our very own lightsaber, and despite being a villain we can't help but think Darth Maul is pretty cool. 



Who wouldn't want Chewie as their sidekick?! Okay, so his vocabulary is limited and still to this day we can't understand his moans and growls BUT he's incredibly loyal AND has always got your back. The most fearsome wild animal who in actual fact is the biggest softie at heart. We love you Chewie!

He might not have made our Top 10, but we thought we would give a special mention to Jar Jar Binks. Despite being one of most unpopular characters from the Star Wars movies, we still love you Jar Jar.

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