Top 10 Friends Moments

Top 10 Friends Moments

Next week on the 28th April marks twenty six years since the first episode of Friends aired on TV. How time flies!

With the show ending in 2004, years later we have found it hard to let go.

There is no denying that Friends has made a massive impact and influence in pop culture all over the world and is still loved to this day. From the catch phrases people use with their friends (how you doin’?) to all the Friends merchandise (don’t forgot to shop our Friends products!), Friends is still one of the most popular sitcoms ever.

Friends was (and still is) perfect as a binge watcher, hangover cure or just something to put on in the background.

With over ten seasons and over 200 episodes, you’re probably thinking how could we ever choose just ten moments? Trust us, it was a difficult task BUT we thought it was only fair to give it a go. 

As we reminisce on 26 years of entertainment, here are our top 10 Friends moments, including Monica with her head up a turkey and Ross with baby powder (if you know, you know!).

Pivot, Pivot, PIVOT!

Who else can relate to this iconic scene from ‘The One with the Cop’ episode? We’ve all been there shouting PIVOT at least once right?

This episode is one of those episodes that everybody knows about, even if some haven't watched it all. This episode featured several plots, but the one that stands out the most is of course, Ross's efforts to take his recently purchased couch up to his apartment. The word "Pivot!" took on a whole new meaning after this episode. 

When Ross wore leather pants

Ross’s New Year’s resolution was to do something new every day so he decides to buy a pair of leather pants. But when he wears them on a date he starts to overheat and before long he is trapped in a bathroom unable to pull his trousers back up.

What we love about Friends is that there is always something that we can relate to in every episode. This is one of the many moments that we can most definitely relate to. Do you agree?

The One with Ross’ tan

This episode leaves us belly laughing no matter how many times we watch this episode. All because he couldn’t count Mississippi.

When Monica puts a turkey on her head

We know that we shouldn’t pick favourites but we love Chandler and we hate seeing him up upset. Evidently, so does Monica. So when Chandler gets upset after a Thanksgiving story-telling session, Monica decides to cheer him up by dancing around with a turkey on her head. Priceless.

The Trivia game

Who doesn’t love a quiz? In an attempt to prove who knows who better, Ross creates the ‘Friends Trivia Game’ for Monica and Rachel to take on Chandler and Joey. The stakes keep rising and when it’s all down to the ‘Lightning Round’, competitive Monica decides to bet the girls’ apartment.

Lets just say, we could’ve done better.

When Phoebe tries to learn Joey how to speak French for an audition

From 'How you doin' to 'Joey doesn't share food', we all love Joey and the nonsense that comes out of his mouth.

When Joey is so desperate to land yet another role in the acting world, Joey decides to describe to himself as a fluent French speaker on his CV but there's just one problem: he doesn't speak French. Phoebe tries to teach him French, however despite her efforts, Joey only speaks gibberish. 

It's hilarious seeing everyone's reaction to it, because Joey seems to think he is speaking excellent French!

When Ross' Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich Was Stolen

Throughout the ten seasons of the show, Ross has made us laugh several times because of his dramatic and emotional behavior. 

As we all know, Ross gets easily sad and depressed. So when someone at work eats his special Thanksgiving leftover sandwich made by Monica, fragile and emotionally unstable Ross is overwhelmed with rage and looses his cool.

'He's her lobster' - When Phoebe revealed the lobster theory

If you don't know what the lobster theory then where have you been?

When Rachel saw in the Prom video how Ross was ready to take her to Prom, she got up and kissed Ross. Seems like a lifetime ago right? This then went on to prove Phoebe's theory of lobsters and how Ross is Rachel's lobster. This iconic moment marked the beginning of Ross and Rachel's relationship and still remains one of our favourite moments from the TV show.

The One With Unagi

Another one of our favourite moments made famous by Ross' eccentricities.

When Rachel and Phoebe decide to take self-defense classes, Ross becomes obsessed with teaching them the concept of "Unagi" and claims that the pair do not have it. Whilst Ross is determined to teach Phoebe and Rachel the true meaning of Unagi, the girls are convinced that it's just a type of sushi. 

When Chandler moves to Yemen

There are many reasons to love Chandler Bing. From his sarcasm and awkward sense of humour to the situations he gets himself into.

One of them being, finding himself in yet another relationship with Janice. OH MY GOD!

In a desperate bid to get rid of her and break up with Janice permanently, Chandler comes up with a story about how he has to move to Yemen. Unfortunately, the plan backfires and the lie ends up taking him to actually Yemen. He literally flies to Yemen! 

What’s your favourite moment from Friends?

Let us know in the comments below!

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