Things to do on Valentines: Lockdown edition!

Things to do on Valentines: Lockdown edition!

No matter what your relationship status is this Valentines Day, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. Valentine's Day is all about celebrating what and who you love (even though it shouldn’t be limited to just one day!)

With the world still being in the midst of a global pandemic, this Valentine’s Day may look a little different for a lot of people out there. With restaurants and bars being closed, it’s time to think outside the box and celebrate - lockdown style!

No matter how you feel about Valentine's Day, it’s refreshing to finally have something to celebrate and falling on a Sunday, you can make a whole day or even a weekend of it.

From binge-watching your favourite rom-coms, enjoying all the yummy heart shaped food to just spending the day with those you love the most, here are a few ideas of things to do on valentines: lockdown edition. 

Cook up some yummy food/ Online cooking classes

They say that food is the way to many people’s hearts, so why not spend some quality time with your other half by preparing a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner together? 

Virtual cooking classes are also available and are a great way to switch it up from the traditional dinner date. If you are in need of improving your skills in the kitchen, then an online cooking class is a great way to do so. You can either sign up for a prerecorded class, or take part in a live session. Online cooking classes aren’t just for couples too! You can take part in classes alone or even with a family member or friend!

Stream in sync 

Can’t Netflix and chill together? Stream your favourite movies in sync. There is an add-on called Teleparty that allows you and another person to stream movies at the same time. 

Have a game night

For those of you with a competitive streak, a night of board games is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s couples trivia or a game of good old fashioned Monopoly, game nights are always memorable and fun for everyone involved (except for the sore losers!)

Take a trip to the Natural History Museum (virtually) 

Do you love a trip to a museum? Organisers at the Natural History Museum have created a virtual tour where visitors can enjoy the museum experience from the comfort of their own homes. From engaging with a prehistoric marine reptile through virtual reality to a 360 degree tour of the galleries, walking around the Natural History Museum has never looked so different! Tours around the Natural History Museum are free and available at any time via 

Tour the National Gallery 

If you prefer walking around an art gallery, then this one's for you. Google Maps and The National Gallery have teamed up to create a 360 degree panoramic experience for anyone with a taste of culture and fine art. Get lost with your date in the wondrous corridors of The National Gallery. This experience is free and available any time on

Get Artsy

Get your creative muscles flowing by making something, either on your own or together. 

Get lost in old memories by putting together a scrapbook or buy a photo album and fill it with some of your favourite memories. There’s something about looking through a physical photo album that hits differently to just scrolling through your pictures on your phone. 

Your scrapbook/photo album can include anything from tickets to boarding passes. If you want to get even more creative, why not decorate your own mugs, vases or create your very own picture frames.

DIY pamper day

With Valentine's Day falling on a Sunday this year, what better way to celebrate than to treat yourself to a pamper day? Taking a relaxing bath is the perfect Sunday activity. So turn on the warm water, add in your favourite oils or bath bomb, light the candles and forget about your troubles. Oh and don’t forget to put some music on! 

If you are celebrating with your other half, then how about a massage? Transform your home into a spa and create your own pamper day for each other. Get the face masks out, put your comfies on and soak in all the relaxation with some candles and romantic music. Rose petals around the bath maybe?

Have an indoor picnic 

Don’t let the winter weather stop you from planning one of the most romantic dates of all!  Get out your tablecloth, set it up in your preferred spot (maybe the living room?) and fill the space with all your partners favourite snacks. 

Recreate your favourite date

Take a trip down memory lane by re-creating the first time you went out together. If your first date was at a restaurant, get creative and get cooking up the same meal at home! If your favourite date was activity based, then recreate it! The possibilities are endless and there’s nothing stopping you from setting up a mini-golf course in your home (maybe just move valuable items out of the way first!). 

Have a Movie Marathon

Whether you are single, taken or in lock down apart from your significant other, a movie marathon works for all! There are an endless amount of romantic movies out there to stream. From tugging at your heartstrings tear jerkers to funny rom-coms if you are in need of a good laugh. 

t into romance? Then binge watch some of your favourite movies! Valentine’s Day is a day of celebrating what you love after all! So, if you fancy watching all 8 Harry Potter films back to back, you do you! 

Wrap up and take a walk outside

Getting outdoors and taking in the fresh air has become something for all of us to look forward to at the moment. It seems that taking in the scenery and exploring is a new hobby for us all, so get your comfies on and explore a local trail or just take a walk in your neighbourhood. If you are lucky enough to live by the beach, then take a stroll down the promenade and soak in all the views. If you live in the UK it is most likely to be cold outside, so put some hot chocolate in a thermo cup to sip on your way. 

Cocktail making

Why not make Valentine’s Day at home the perfect date by mixing up some cocktails? 

Even better, get dressed up for the occasion! Put on your best outfit, spray that expensive perfume/aftershave that only comes out the box for special occasions and release your inner bartender. To make things fun, try creating your very own cocktail with whatever ingredients you like!

Take part in a virtual quiz 

Who doesn’t love a quiz?! Get all your loved ones together and take part in a virtual quiz. It could be a virtual version of Mr and Mrs or your classic general knowledge pub quiz. Quizzes are something for everyone to enjoy and take part in and are also easy to theme if you want to make it special for Valentines Day. 

Bring your favourite restaurant home to you 

With restaurants being temporarily closed, take out is becoming a popular choice for many.

So why not skip the cooking for this weekend and order a takeout food feast. A lot of restaurants are providing click and collect so you can pick up your favourite dishes from your favourite restaurants. If you’re not sure what you fancy, get a variety of dishes from a handful of different restaurants/take out spots! 

Create a vision board 

Even though you might not be able to travel anywhere right now, there’s no harm in planning! Dreaming and planning your perfect holiday or next adventure is the perfect way to satisfy your wanderlust and having something to look forward to is definitely something we all need right now.

Whether it’s planning your dream trip with your partner or mapping out where you want to go next with your friends, create a Pinterest board or get some old magazines and create a vision board!

Zoom Date 

Are you in lockdown apart from your other half or missing your girl friends? Why not organise a zoom date watching your favourite TV shows whilst eating your favourite food! 

What are you up to this Valentine’s? 

Our plans include taking advantage of all the valentine’s themed treats on the shelves and reciting every line from The Notebook! 

Let us know your plans for this weekend and if you still haven't got your partner a gift... it’s not too late to grab that special gift for someone.


(We have next day delivery available for those of you who have left it a little late!)



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