Things to do at 'The Making of Harry Potter' Studio Tour!

Things to do at 'The Making of Harry Potter' Studio Tour!

The Making of Harry Potter is one of the most magical places to visit and is a must-do for any potterheads out there. If you're a Harry Potter fan visiting the UK, chances are that the studio tour is on your to-do list. 

We truly believe that you do not have to be the biggest Harry Potter fan to appreciate this tour. It's that magical! 

Located in Watford near London, The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour is visited by thousands of muggles and aspiring witches + wizards from around the world every year and is proven to be a spellbinding experience for all.

If you are yet to immerse yourself in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and go behind the scenes, here's just a few things you can do whilst visiting The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour! (We don't want to give too much away as we want you to experience the magic for yourself) 

Put yourself in the shoes of a true Hogwarts student and explore the original sets such as Platform 9 3/4 and Diagon Alley. You can also hop aboard the Hogwarts Express and ride a broomstick just like the cast. 

You can step onto the iconic sets like the Great Hall and Diagon Alley, spot your favourite props, see your favourite characters' costumes up close, and discover how the special and visual effects team made Harry and his friends fly. 

Whilst exploring, you can also uncover the behind-the-scenes secrets of the movies' on-screen wizardry. How magical!

And that's not all.. The studio tour can also be a very educational experience! From technical drawings to scale models, you can learn how the sets for the movies were created and how the magical creatures were brought to life on screen!

Try Butterbeer in the Backlot Café

There's only a few locations in the world where you can try Butterbeer and the Studio Tour is one of them! The Studio Tour would not be complete without trying the infamous Butterbeer! As far as sweet treats go, Butterbeer is SWEEET! If you have a sweet tooth then Butterbeer is a must try. If you're not into frothy drinks then you can try Butterbeer in the form of ice cream! From experience, it seems to resemble butterscotch, so if you like the flavour of butterscotch then you will LOVE Butterbeer. 

Tip: It's not quite to everyone's liking, so our advice is to share a small cup to start.

Ride a Broomstick

If you wish to ride a broomstick, be mindful that this will come at an extra cost. Your broomstick experience will be filmed (in front of a green screen) and is a great momento to take home to cherish forever. You can choose from a photograph, DVD, or HD USB.

Visit the Chocolate Frog Café

Inspired by the iconic wizarding confectionery, the Chocolate Frog Café serves a selection of sweets and treats. The café is the perfect way to end the tour and and the perfect spot for you to soak in all the magic with a yummy hot chocolate.

Take a ride on Hagrid's motorbike

Of course the Studio Tour is FULL of amazing photo ops and outside in the backlot there are plenty! You can take a ride in Mr Weasley's Ford Anglia or even jump on Hagrid's motorbike.

Learn how to defend yourself against the Dark Arts 

It's time to put your wizard skills to the test! Yes you heard that right, you can learn how to defend yourself against the Dark Arts! This guided, interactive tutorial will have you testing out your wand skills and associated moves to help you fight off those pesky Death Eaters. You'll be able to fight off Voldemort in no time!

Board the Hogwarts Express 

Have you always dreamt of travelling to Hogwarts on the Hogwarts Express? Well now you can! Hop on board the original red steam engine used in the films and live out your Hogwarts student dream. You can also snap a photo of you pushing the model luggage trolley 'through' the Platform 9 3/4 wall, just like in the movies. 

Try not to get TOO carried away in the gift shops

Who doesn't love a gift shop? We all love a gift shop! Whether you're on the look for some exclusive Harry Potter merch or just after your very own wand, the gift shops will have what you need!

Be prepared, the gift shops are EXPENSIVE! So you may want to budget yourself before you ended up spending nearly £10 on a chocolate frog! If you know you're likely to get carried away and run up a huge debt, then setting yourself a budget is definitely recommended.

Take advantage of the free stuff!

Not a lot of people are aware that you can pick up a free Harry Potter Studio Tour passport from the lobby. These passports are a great little souvenir, with spaces on each page for embossed stamps that you can find on your way around the tour.

Tip: There are also clues to help locate golden snitches that are hidden throughout the tour too. 

Magical Mischief!

And that's not all...Brand new for 2022, The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour is showcasing all things mischievous!  

From the 22nd January to the 1st May 2022, the Studio Tour will be revealing the filmmaking trickery behind the film series and shining a spotlight on magical pranks and mishaps. 

Expect to see demonstrations during the tour of how clever camera trickery produced some epic effects and how some of your favourite mischievous moments from the films were brought to the big screen (the infamous fireplace letter inside 4 Privet Drive and Fred and George's accidental beards and burned costumes!).

You'll also be able to make your very own origami howler, just like the one Mrs Weasley delivered to her son in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!

Also, make sure to look out for those pesky Cornish Pixies that have been set on the loose around the Studio Tour! If you mange to find some, you can collect stamps as part of your Marauder's Map activity passport.

If you would like to experience the magical mischief feature, make sure you pre-book your tickets!

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