Peter Rabbit 2: The Runway Movie Review

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runway Movie Review

Is the new Peter Rabbit sequel worth hopping along to see at the cinema? Read our review on Peter Rabbit 2: The Runway to find out! 

Peter Rabbit is back and in a sequel that’s better than the original.

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runway was the first big film to return to cinemas in 2021 following the pandemic. The movie premiered in cinemas on May 17th after a delayed release due to Coronavirus. 

Beatrix Potter’s beloved characters have now returned for a second live action/CGI movie and we couldn’t wait to see if the sequel would be better than the first. Fingers crossed! 

What is Peter Rabbit 2: The Runway about?

Peter Rabbit (voiced by James Corden) is trying to mend his way following the marriage of Thomas (played by Domhnall Gleeson) and Bea (played by Rose Byrne). However, his old reputation, and new found fame as the star of Bea’s popular storybook, means he ventures out into the nearby town and into the fold of Baranabas (Lennie James), a rabbit who wishes to use Peter’s mischief for his own ends. While she fights with a publisher (David Oyelowo) who wishes to bring an edgier tone to her book, Bea and Thomas also search for their missing family member, before he chooses the wrong path.

Our thoughts on Peter Rabbit 2: The Runway

James Corden has returned as the fluffy-tailed mischief-maker in Peter Rabbit 2. Here at VU, we love James Corden, despite not being a fan of everything that he has starred in.

The humour is there and the animation is incredible, but this movie lacks something and we can’t quite put our finger on it. It is however a fun adaptation of Beatrix Potter’s beloved characters for little kids, and not a bad way to spend 90 minutes for parents either.

We went in with pretty low expectations following several critic reviews that the movie isn’t that great, but surprisingly the movie was better than we expected. Peter Rabbit 2 is a fun, lighthearted movie and an easy watch for all the family to enjoy. We have all confidence that your little ones will love watching Peter Rabbit land himself in mischief once again. The sequel is better than the first, but only because we are more familiar with the characters and Peter Rabbit’s slightly annoying voice. (Sorry - we just had to say it!)

We found that in the first movie Peter came across as annoying and selfish rather than cute and mischievous which was such a shame BUT in this movie Peter becomes far more likeable and a character that kids can connect with me. We have to say that in this movie Peter is a more loveable and enjoyable character to watch in comparison to the first movie and we are so here for it! 

When we think of Peter Rabbit, we think of Beatrix Potter. 

Nostalgic, cosy and an absolute classic growing up. If you’re hoping for Beatrix Potter vibes, then this movie will not give you that. If you’re planning on going to see this movie, then our one piece of advice would be to go in with an open mind. If Beatrix Potter means a lot to you and the original stories hold a special place in your heart, then please remember whilst watching Peter Rabbit 2, that this is not that Peter. We knew this from watching the first movie, so the disappointment wasn’t there. 

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runway is out in cinemas now.

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