Pancake Day art ideas for Pancake Day 2022!

Pancake Day art ideas for Pancake Day 2022!

Happy Pancake Day!

Sweet or savoury, Pancake Day is the perfect time to try new flippin' pancake recipes and to test your pancake art skills!

Pancakes are quick and easy to make but have you ever tried to created a decorated or themed pancake?

Whether your pancake skills are a flip or a flop, there's plenty of inspiration to get you creating the most amazing (and delicious pancakes!). 

Pancake Day is the perfect day to get creative in the kitchen and is a great activity to get the whole family involved. You could even turn it into a little competition!

From Crepes to stacked American pancakes, the possibilities are endless with the amount of creative pancake recipes you can fry up on Pancake Day. 

Pancakes are pretty much like a blank canvas waiting to be decorated. So grab your selection of fruit and yummy toppings and you can build your own designs and create some incredible pancake art!

If you're feeling a little adventurous this year, here are a few pictures to give you inspo for your pancake art. 

Whether you like your pancakes with chocolate spread and strawberries or stick to the classic toppings of lemon and sugar, it’s time to show off your flipping skills and tuck in.

A whole day dedicated to our favourite breakfast! What more could you want?

What’s your go-to topping? Ours has got to be crepes filled with Nutella topped with sugar and strawberries OR the classic "Matilda style" pancakes! 

We want to see your pancake creations, so send in your pictures! 


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