Our Pancake Day art ideas!

Our Pancake Day art ideas!

Butter your frying pans, Pancake Day is here!

With February half term in full swing, family activities and distractions are going to be needed to get over the last six weeks of lockdown and home schooling for all the parents out there.

What better way to distract yourself from everything that is going in the world than creating some amazing pancakes for Pancake Day!

Pancake Day is the perfect day to get creative in the kitchen and create some delicious, mouth-watering pancakes that will leave you wanting more. 

From simple crepes topped with sugar and lemon juice, to fluffy american pancakes covered with Nutella and chopped banana, there’s no end to the creative pancake recipes you could fry up on Pancake Day. 

Pancakes are like a blank canvas just begging to be decorated, so why not grab a selection of fruit and toppings and have you (or your little ones) build your own designs and maybe even try some pancake art! 

Here is some inspiration for your pancake art:

Whether you like your pancakes with chocolate spread and strawberries or stick to the classic toppings of lemon and sugar, it’s time to show off your flipping skills and tuck in.

A whole day dedicated to our favourite breakfast! What more could you want?

What’s your go-to topping? Ours has got to be crepes filled with Nutella topped with sugar and strawberries OR the classic "Matilda style" pancakes! 

We want to see your pancake creations, so send in your pictures! 

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