Our Favourite Moments from The Little Mermaid Movie πŸšπŸ§œβ€β™€οΈ

Our Favourite Moments from The Little Mermaid Movie πŸšπŸ§œβ€β™€οΈ

With having such an emotional connection to the original movie, we did have hesitations as to what this new movie would bring as growing up, Ariel was one of our all time favourites and still remains one of our favourite Disney princesses, so we were a little mindful that Disney might tarnish our beloved Ariel.

BUT Disney did not disappoint!

We can confidently say that this movie is a masterpiece and rightly deserved. Yes, it's a little different (well for one it is live action!). Yes, Scuttle has a rap song, which is kind of irrelevant but is funny. But the reimagination brings our favourite little mermaid to life and is a truly emotional experience (in a good way of course!) and we're already planning our next visit to go and see it again.Β 

So, to celebrate the release of the new movie and as HUGE Disney fans, here are just some of our favourite moments from the new The Little Mermaid Movie!

Lets start off by saying that we had goosebumps from the moment the movie title first appeared on the screen.

From the character development of Ariel and Eric to the one second shot of Ariel giving Max a boost to safety, the life and love that has been put into this movie really shines through and reminds us exactly why we love the original as much as we do whilst bringing in new material that allows this reimagination stand tall on its own.Β 

It felt like Eric and Ariel's relationship had so much more depth than in the original movie with showing their relationship blossom through their passion for exploring and love for collecting treasure.

Talking of treasures, another one of our favourite moments from the movie was watching Ariel and her love for the land. Not only did she fall in love with Eric, she loved the land more than anything and it was so sweet to watch unfold. We get to see her curiosity in multiple scenarios and despite not having a voice, we get to hear new original songs in her mind about how she feels.

People look at this movie and think Ariel chose legs for a boy and yes that may be part of it, but it's so much more than that. She wanted a different life to what her father had planned for her and she wanted to experience the world and not be limited.Β 

On the topic of Ariel, let's talk Halle Bailey. She is THE perfect Ariel. Halle was truly born to be a princess and she was able to convey so much emotion in her face and body language that even without words, you knew exactly what she was feeling. Her rendition of 'Part of Your World' was absolutely stunning. She embodied the character perfectly and really brought our favourite mermaid to life! Halle brought the beauty and innocence to the character of Ariel that we all expected and we were in complete awe at how she carried Ariel from start to finish.

Now can we just talk about Sebastian and Scuttle? The power packed duo that had us laughing throughout! For us, Sebastian stood out to us. Of course, we loved him in the original, BUT in this new movie his character elevated to another level. Oh and Awkwafina as Scuttle was the PERFECT casting in our eyes. Who knew we would be so thrilled over the casting of a bird?!Β 

Melissa McCarthy as Ursula was just pure genius. Her rendition of β€˜Poor Unfortunate Souls’ was spellbinding. Playing the role of Ursula seems like a tough job but not for Melissa McCarthy.

Overall, the casting was incredible and really brought to life the best of the characters.

Another thing that stood out to us about this adaptation is the way it tackles important social issues, such as diversity, and inclusivity.Β 

Casting Halle Bailey as Ariel is a step towards a better representation in movies and is a wonderful and positive change. Halle is a fantastic role model for young girls and inspiration to people of all ages.

Something else we loved about this movie is that it really did stay true to the original movie. It pays homage to the classic tale whilst giving it a modern twist.Β Its expansion on the relationship between Ariel and Eric was just so lovely to watch and made us feel connected to the characters even more.Β 

The music!!!Β Now we all know how magical Disney music can be and this movie did not disappoint! I mean, with both Alan Menken and Lin Manuel Miranda involved, it was destined to be a masterpiece. A moment we loved after every musical moment was the temptation to stand up and clap, they were THAT good.Β 

Now we can’t talk about this movie without talking about the incredible CGI! The underwater scenes were bright, colourful and made us wish we never went up to the surface.

It's such an inspiring movie! Whether it's from the production to the messages the movie relays, we love everything this movie stands for. It inspires us to have the courage to find our voices and is a reminder that our voices, no matter the form, are essential and powerful tools in effecting change.Β Β 

The world is a very different place than it was in 1989, and this adaptation delivers a very powerful message for all of today.

The quote "I'm sorry you had to lose your voice to be heard" hit us right in the feels and continues to echo in our hearts and minds.

Final thoughts:

Disney got its magic back with this one!

If you are a fan of the original animated movie, then it's almost impossible to dislike this movie. All the beautiful things we fell in love with from the original, existed in this movie too.

The movie is truly nostalgic and will no doubt bring a tear to the eyes of those who are emotionally connected to the original.

We’d even go as far as saying this Disney live action has truly captured the essence of the original and has improved upon it.Β 

Tip: Remove whatever notion of Ariel you have in your mind when going to see this movie. Yes she may be different from the animation, but she fills up the role on her own and her rendition of our favourite mermaid character is nothing short of perfection.

Is it see-worthy? Oh, of course!

The Little Mermaid Live-Action is out in cinemas everywhere now.

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