Our favourite moments from Legally Blonde

Our favourite moments from Legally Blonde

In 2001, a young Elle Woods strutted into our lives wearing Prada heels and a hot pink dress and 20 years later we are still in love with Elle Woods and Legally Blonde. 

Although the film came out in 2001, it is still relevant today.

In case you haven’t watched Legally Blonde, yes the movie begins like a romantic comedy, but the movie quite early on drops the romance plot and quickly becomes that feminist film we all know and love. Legally Blonde is about a woman who learns to love and believe in herself to achieve all her goals and we are so here for it!

Not only did Elle Woods get into Harvard law, she stayed true to herself the whole time whilst rocking her signature colour, pink.

Legally Blonde is truly a motivational film and ff you ever need a little pep in your step then we highly recommend you watch it to channel your inner Elle Woods.

This movie hailed as a staple of empowerment for women, and rightfully so. From the fashion to using legal jargon in everyday life, we can’t help but still be obsessed with this movie. Legally Blonde is a classic case of “Never judge a book by its cover” and taught us some important life lessons.

Legally Blonde officially turns 20 this year (yes 20!), so to celebrate we wanted to pick out some of our favourite moments from the movie.

Let’s talk about the FASHION!

Elle’s fashion throughout this film is just something else and made us embrace the colour pink into our everyday wardrobe.

If you don’t think Legally Blonde has some of the best costumes of all time, then sorry you are totally wrong. 

Elle’s costumes told their own stories and really revealed an insight into Elle’s character and where she was at.

When Elle shows up to the court in her hot pink suit...wow.

Truly iconic.

The Study Montage

This will forever remain one of our favourite moments from the movie. When Elle is humiliated at a party, she realises she is going to show the Harvard snobs what she is made of, and boy does she do that! The montage includes Elle buying books, hitting them, making new friends, and even staying in shape on her treadmill all showing that she is a force not to be reckoned with!

Elle’s Confidence

Who else wishes they had as much confidence as Elle???  * puts hand up” Throughout the movie Elle’s confidence shines through especially when she insists that she doesn’t need back-ups because she’s going to Harvard. If you approach life with this kind of “I will” mentality, Elle is living proof that there’s no telling what you can accomplish with that much determination. You go girl!!!

Bend and Snap.

If you know, you know. One of the most iconic moments of the movie and by far, one of the most quoted parts of the movie.

The quotes!

If you’re looking for some inspirational quotes to lift your spirits, then this movie is for you. Elle Woods taught us a lot about life and paved the way for all inspiring young women out there!

Elle’s Final Speech

We can’t talk about our favourite Legally Blonde moments without including the final scene of the court case. And what a moment to end this blog post! Elle Woods continues to remain an inspiration for many (including us!). Elle’s final speech outlined just how much she had grown. She learned to keep her mind open while following her gut. She formed healthy relationships with women and with people who encourage her dreams. Elle refused to give up and managed to go study Law at Harvard with her stylistic flair. 

It is for those reasons that Elle Woods is a blonde beacon of inspiration to all young women out there and we love her!

What do you love most about Legally Blonde? Let us know in the comments below!

Oh and get excited Legally Blonde fans because Legally Blonde 3 is expected to be released in 2022!!!

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