Our favourite female Disney characters!

Our favourite female Disney characters!

Happy International Women’s Day!

When you think of “empowering female characters” it’s hard to not think of at least one Disney princess or female character. . 

From princesses to superheroes, there are some pretty incredible women in the world of Disney. Disney women know how to get things done. They stand up for themselves, solve problems and most importantly, follow their dreams.

Our favourite female characters are caring and kind, but also know exactly what they want and how they’re going to go about getting it. 

For the longest time, Disney characters have continued to inspire girls and women all over the world. And now, more than ever we are seeing more female characters representing the traits that we should be teaching young girls, like confidence, independence, courage, and more!

These characters are more than just the “strong female character” type , they are incredible role models that we most definitely need to see more of on-screen. 

I’m sure you can all agree that these characters do not get enough credit, so to celebrate International Women’s Day we wanted to highlight a few of our favourite female Disney characters!

Anna - Frozen

And the award for the strongest heart goes to…Anna! 

Anna overflows with kindness and the desire to make friends with everyone. Her positivity and optimism is infectious and I think we could all take a leaf out of Anna’s book for sure. Anna always believes there’s a way to turn a bad situation around and figure out how to fix something. She’s also very hardworking and is willing to set out on several life-changing journeys for the sake of helping her sister and country - which is very admirable. She knows where her duties lie, not to mention her eagerness to solve the mystery or fix the problem herself. She knows that “some people are worth melting for” and our hearts melt for Anna. We love you Anna!

Elsa - Frozen

Strong but flawed, we couldn’t not include Elsa in our list! 

Elsa gives us the confidence to not be ashamed of who we are and to instead reach our true potential and revel in all that we can be. She inspires us to not conceal who we are and has taught us to believe that it is okay to allow yourself to feel. Oh and can we just point out how inspiring Elsa’s self acceptance is?? 

Rapunzel - Tangled 

Who doesn’t love a woman who isn’t afraid to chase her dreams?! Rapunzel chased her dreams no matter the obstacles that came in her way and we are so here for that!

We would go as far as saying that Rapunzel changed the game for Disney princesses. She is the heroine of her own story. 

Rapunzel is an independent and free-spirited woman who doesn’t expect anyone to do everything for her. Instead of waiting for her life to begin, Rapunzel saw an opportunity and took it, putting her own wants and desires first. She also shows us that it is not okay for people to control and walk all over you. Rapunzel is smart and fearless and isn’t afraid to stand up for what’s right. 

We love everything about Rapunzel and what she stands for. She shows young girls and women all over the world that you are in fact in charge of your own life and actions. Rapunzel is a real role model and continues to teach young girls important values of what is truly means to be a strong woman and an overall good person.

She most definitely deserves more credit and in our eyes has completely changed the game for what women are truly capable of.


Mulan is the epitome of female empowerment.

She radiates strength, loyalty and intelligence. Mulan is a prime example of showing that women should never be underestimated, and that they can do anything. 

Despite the story of Mulan essentially telling women to ‘know their place’, Mulan’s character goes beyond that to prove that a woman can do anything a man can do. Mulan also reinforces the fact that a woman can be strong and we admire that so much! She does not conform to expectations and does what she needs and want to, making her the most self-empowered princess.

Jasmine - Aladdin

Jasmine is a woman who knows exactly what she wants and we absolutely love that! Her character shows a lot of feminist potential and that is so 2022. Jasmine knows her self-worth and is always ready to go out of her comfort zone and stand for what is right. Despite being confined to the Palace of Agrabah, Jasmine continued to follow her heart and fight for what she deserved. Also, if she witnessed injustice, she fought against it. You go girl!


Strong, adventurous, independent and wise. 

We love a woman that will do anything to protect her family and Pocahontas does exactly that! It’s a challenge to be adventurous and not be afraid but Pocahontas is always up for exploring and experiencing what life has to offer. Another trait that we absolutely admire about Pocahontas is that she will stand up to anyone and anything for what is right and to protect the ones she loves. We adore Pocahontas and what she has to offer for little girls to look up to.

Princess Tiana - Princess and the Frog 

Where do we even start with Tiana?! When we think of someone making their dreams a reality, we think of Tiana. 

Tiana is hardworking, ambitious, independent and wants to use her talents to make it on her own. Not only was Tiana Disney’s first black princess, she was also the first heroine to really represent the working class. We love everything that Tiana stands for, and truly believe that she is the perfect role model for young girls and even women all over the world.

Merida - Brave

Merida is most definitely a force to be reckoned with. She is one headstrong and free-spirited princess!  Merida was determined to change her fate and grab destiny by the horns as she refused to let anything deny her individual freedom. Merida paved the way for what women preach today and that is to be strong, make your voice heard and be that girl boss.

We think that Merida is one of those characters who most definitely does not get the recognition that she deserves but we are here to shine a light on the admirable self-sufficient character.

Nani - Lilo and Stitch

No list of strong and independent Disney women would be complete without Nani.

Yes, some may say that Nani is flawed but that’s what makes her so relatable! She’s strong, caring and will do anything for her family. Nani is arguably one of the strongest Disney characters in existence. Not only is she coping with the loss and grief of her parents, but at just 19 years old, she becomes the sole guardian of her little sister, Lilo. Just think, most people aren’t even completely independent by the age of 19! Although Nani doesn’t get much attention, we think she is a great character to show off and an excellent role model to not only girls, but boys too.

Belle - Beauty and the Beast 

Belle knows it takes courage and kindness to see beauty where others don't. One of our favourite traits about Belle is that she doesn’t judge a book by its cover and she finds beauty all around her. She is confident and comfortable being herself, which is most definitely something that should inspire the young girls of today as Belle doesn’t try to change just to fit in. She’s strong enough to not care and realise that she is happy with who she is. #goals

Belle displays a shining strength and bravery and will never not speak up and stand up against injustices and unfairness.

As a young girl watching Disney, Belle is the perfect princess to aspire to be. She faces challenges head-on, fights her own battles and uses her intelligence instead of her looks.

Belle is one headstrong young woman, who girls of all ages can definitely relate to.


With refusing to do what’s expected of her, Moana is fiercely determined and relies on herself in order to get the job done.  She stands up for herself and proves that she is a powerful woman who is capable of anything she sets her mind to. By Moana actively standing up for herself, she empowers girls to speak their mind and shows others that their words are powerful and influential. It’s amazing to see a female Disney character standing up for something greater than what a typical Disney princess does. Moana represents independence, diligence, and strength and we truly believe that her character allows children and adults to see that they are strong and worthy of success.

Self-doubt and lack of confidence are huge issues with young girls and women today, and Moana helps us find our own inner strength.

Mrs Incredible/ Elastigirl/ Helen Parr - The Incredibles 

When you’re a mom, you have a lot of responsibilities, but when you’re a SUPERHERO mom? You have a family and a literal ENTIRE city to look out for. 

Okay… so Mrs Incredible isn’t a Disney princess BUT she is iconic in our eyes. Helen is fearless and believes in her strength, not only as a superhero, but as a wife and a mother. How incredible?! (Pardon the pun)

Raya - Raya and the Last Dragon

Raya is not an ordinary “Disney Princess” - she is a South-East Asian warrior! 

She is strong and independent and shows young girls how to be strong and fight for their families without needing a man to save them.

With her courage and determination, we had to add Raya to our list of inspiring female Disney characters!

What female Disney character inspires you? Is there any that we have missed off our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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