Our favourite Disney Mom Characters!

Our favourite Disney Mom Characters!

This Sunday, it's time to celebrate the wonderful women in our lives as it's Mother's Day! 

As Mother's Day approaches, as part of the celebration we thought we'd take a look at some of the most memorable (and some of our favourite) Disney mothers.

One of the most amazing things about Disney movies is that they hold such positive messages and the stories are always inspiring regardless of the bumps in the road.

Over the years, Disney has given us some incredible mom figures. These characters have pulled on our heartstrings and have become heroes in their own ways. From saving their children to saving the day, Disney knows how to create iconic moms!

Yes, most of Disney's best characters are animated and are in the form of a gorilla, an elephant, or a superhero BUT these Disney moms will do anything for those around them and never ask for anything in return. 

So, without further ado, here are our top top 10 favourite Disney female mom characters.

Helen Parr aka Mrs Incredible - The Incredibles

No list would be complete without Mrs Incredible! Helen Parr is the ultimate super-mom! 

She is strong-willed, intelligent and totally awesome! As a wife and mother to three kids, she's the glue that holds the Parr family together. She uses her powers, intelligence, and her heart to protect her family from anything and everything. 

Mrs Potts - Beauty and the Beast 

Mrs Potts has so many good qualities that we absolutely love. First of all, she is the most intelligent and level-headed member of the Beast's staff. As a mother, her love for Chip never goes unnoticed. She holds the perfect balance of gentle and nurturing, whilst also being stern and standing for no-nonsense. She shows great patience and that is one quality I'm sure we all wished we had!

Eudora - The Princess & The Frog 

Hardworking and loving, Eudora is mom goals. Even though her family didn't come from much and had to work very hard to put food on the table, that didn't stop Eudora from always believing in the power of her daughter's dreams. Eudora is Tiana's biggest fan and supporter. She stood by her every step of the way, no matter how big or small. Eudora went on to teach Tiana that money isn't everything and also taught her the importance of love. From her optimism and grounded nature, we love Eudora and now you can see why we've chosen her as one of our favourite Disney moms.

Lady Elinor - Brave 

You're probably wondering why we've included Lady Elinor, but here us out on this one. Yes, Lady Elinor dreamt that Merida would hold simple elegance and class instead of being a wild, fearless and curly haired free-spirit. But the lessons we learn from Lady Elinor are surprisingly ones that grow throughout the movie. She came to realised that a lady was enough to stand as a princess - without wedding a man. What we're trying to say is that Lady Elinor taught us to listen to our children and believe in who they are. After all, you never know just how powerful they can truly be. 

Kala - Tarzan 

Yes, Kala is a gorilla but she still one of our favourite Disney moms! With Tarzan being a human, she never makes him feel as though he doesn't belong in their pack. She takes him in as one of her own and doesn't treat him differently. Kala teaches all of us all about the importance of acceptance and we love her for that!

Mrs. Jumbo - Dumbo 

The special bond and unconditional love that is shared between Dumbo and Mrs Jumbo is unbreakable. Mrs. Jumbo loves her baby elephant with all of her heart and doesn't care that his ears are too big. No matter what, she will do whatever it takes to protect her baby from the taunts of other elephants and circus visitors. Because of her strong love for her son, Dumbo was able to turn his greatest weakness into his greatest strength and use his ears to fly - all because of his unconditional love from his mother. A supportive mother can give her child wings and Mrs Jumbo was able to do exactly that. 

Nani - Lilo and Stitch 

A big sister first, a parent second.

Kind, mature and hardworking, Nani is definitely a character that we look up to. She proves that while she is somewhat irritable most of the time, she can also be compassionate and understanding. 

With being so protective of her family, particularly Lilo, Nani will attack anyone and defend them from any threat. She loves Lilo more than anyone or anything in the world and does all she can to keep her from harm. With having to juggle so much, we really admire Nani as a character and think she deserves a lot more credit than she gets! ( We can also relate to being irritable most of the time).


Who's your favourite Disney mom? Who inspires you the most?

Let us know in the comments below!

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