New Product Friday!

New Product Friday!

Spring has sprung and Summer is just around the corner and what better way to switch up the seasons than to treat you (or your family) to some brand new licensed products!

Whether you're looking for a new oversized tee or want to add some newness to your little one's wardrobe, we've got something for all of you at VU.

Do you love Barbie or know someone who is obsessed with all things cute?

Look no further, as our new products have just landed on our website and you're going to want them in your (or little ones) wardrobes.

We love showing you our new products, so we've put together a list of just some of our favourite new products that have landed in the VU offices recently!

Check them out:

Barbie Oversized Women’s Logo All Over Print T-Shirt - £16.99

Barbie Oversized T-Shirt for Women - £16.99 

Barbie T-Shirt 2 Pack For Girls - £14.99 

Barbie Women’s Cropped T-Shirt - £13.99 

Barbie Oversized Be You T-Shirt - £14.99

Barbie Girls Pyjamas - £12.99 

Barbie Leggings 2 Pack for Girls - £11.99 

Pusheen 3 Pack Women's Socks - £13.99 

Pusheen Girls Socks - 3 Pack - £11.99 

Pusheen VUddie Oversized Blanket Hoodie - £34.99

Pusheen Girls Brown Bathrobe - £19.99 

Pusheen Girls Pink Bathrobe - £19.99

Pusheen Girls Brown Onesie - £18.99

DC Comics Batman Men’s T-Shirt - £15.99 

NFL Shield Logo Black Men’s T-Shirt - £15.99 

XBOX Logo Men’s Gaming Short Sleeve T-Shirt - £15.99 

Mr. Men Mr Lazy Men’s Slippers - £13.99

Peppa Pig Daddy Pig Men’s Slippers - £13.99

Pokémon Characters Boy’s T-Shirt - £9.99 

Minecraft Dressing Gown and Pyjama Set - £29.99

Minecraft Kids Torch Shape Bottle - £11.99

Cocomelon Lunch Bag, Snack pot & Bottle Set - £17.99

From Harry Potter and Disney to Sonic the Hedgehog and Minecraft, we've got something for everyone! Check out all our officially licensed products exclusively at VU here!



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