National Pokemon Day - Which Pokemon Are You? Quiz

National Pokemon Day - Which Pokemon Are You? Quiz

Pokemon turns 25! Can you believe that Pokemon will be celebrating their 25th anniversary this year?! 

To celebrate the landmark 25th anniversary, Pokemon have kicked off the festivities with video game events, a special channel on Pokemon TV, and more.

Pokemon have also teamed up with Universal Music and some of the biggest names in music to create a global music celebration. So far, Post Malone is the first artist to be announced that he will be joining in the celebration of 25 years of Pokemon.

More concerts will be announced throughout the year.

And the year long anniversary celebration has only just begun! 

Festivities have already taken place with a singing Pikachu on Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield and a nostalgic Pokemon GO global ticketed event. You can also relive classic-themed episodes of Pokemon the series by tuning in to the Specials channel on Pokemon TV. 

Celebrations continue tomorrow with an online virtual concert from global superstar, Post Malone.

The P25 Music program kicks off tomorrow on Pokemon Day, 27th February 2021 with Post Malone’s virtual concert. If you love Post Malone, Pokemon or both, then you will be able to tune into this FREE concert on Pokemon’s 25th Anniversary website or the official Pokemon YouTube channel. The concert will start at 4:00pm PST, so if you live in the UK that will be at Midnight on Saturday evening. 

Pokemon have said: “This online party is an exciting opportunity to unite Pokemon and music fans around the world. It’s going to be a wild celebration of Pokemon’s 25 years, with lots of unexpected surprises in store.” 

More details about P25 are planned to be revealed at the end of the concert.

Head over to to see how you can get involved in celebrating 25 years of Pokemon. 

In the meantime we’ve designed our own Pokemon quiz for you!

Every Pokemon holds distinctive characteristics, extraordinary powers, sets of skills, and different ways of handling things. Our Pokemon quiz is designed to see what Pokemon you are based on your personality. Your answers to these questions will match your personality to the one of the legendary Pokemon that shows similar personality traits to you. 

Always wanted to know which Pokemon you are? Are you a kind and loving Pokemon? Maybe you are a Legendary Pokemon? Take our quiz to find out!

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