Meet the Characters of Garfield!

Meet the Characters of Garfield!

With the release of The Garfield Movie only in cinemas this Friday (May 24th), this week is all about celebrating our favourite orange cat! For decades, Garfield has been entertaining audiences with his witty humour and lasagna-loving ways. But did you know about his friends?

Grab your favourite snack (preferably lasagna) and get ready to meet the characters of Garfield (the coolest cat around town) and his friends!


He’s fat, selfish, cynical and he loves himself so much that we can’t help but love him too! Garfield has a passion for food, sleep and an aversion to exercise - which is legendary! He loves TV and hates Mondays. He’s all sass and sarcasm, but he has a soft side, too. Garfield loves his teddy bear Pooky, and deep down he even loves his owner Jon and his dopey pal Odie. Like any real-world cat, Garfield can’t actually speak so all his commentary is conveyed through thought balloons and facial expressions.

Adults love Garfield for his unfiltered honesty. Kids love Garfield because he’s funny, mischievous and unapologetically fat. He’s 100% that cat.


Odie is Garfield’s loyal friend who stares, slobbers, and is always the butt of Garfield’s jokes. He is a totally mindless free spirit who loves everyone. Odie shares Jon’s home with Garfield and his annoyingly happy personality makes him the perfect foil for Garfield’s insult-comedy.

Odie only “speaks” in normal dog sounds.


Jon is an easygoing, underachieving geek with a heart of gold but most importantly is Garfield’s easygoing, daydreaming, wishy-washy owner. Jon plays the straight man to Garfield’s cranky antics and provides the shelter, love, food, and attention, while Garfield provides the attitude and eats all the lasagna he can get his paws on.


Arlene is the female cat most likely to share dinner and insults with Garfield. They have a love-hate relationship: Garfield loves himself and Arlene hates that. She’s snarky, assertive and can be sweet and romantic. Now, if only Garfield would get his ego in check, then the two would be the purrfect match.


Nermal is the world’s cutest kitten and he knows it. Like an annoying little brother, Nermal often ridicules Garfield’s look and age, but Garfield gets in his licks. He often mails Nermal to Abu Dhabi.


Despite being totally inanimate, Pooky is Garfield’s only true confidant. He never speaks, thinks, reacts or moves. But he allows Garfield to show his softer side. He’s cuddly, understanding, and always there when Garfield needs him.

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