Meet the Characters of Bluey!

Meet the Characters of Bluey!

She's quickly becoming the household name in almost every home. And if you haven't heard of her... where have you been?! 

Bluey the TV series is an insanely popular Australian animated series about a dog called Bluey and her family. The show premiered on ABC Kids back in October 2018 and since then has become of the most popular shows and has gone global after being picked up by Disney and the BBC.

Despite being aimed at 5-7 year olds, Bluey is now loved by people of all ages. With humour that attracts fans, young and old, Bluey is continuing to bring laughs, love and warmth to households all over the world.

Now if you are a parent to small children then you're probably already aware of Bluey. And if you're currently watching Bluey day in and day out, then you may recognise each character. BUT are you aware of how all of the characters are connected?!

Here is the list of all the Bluey characters you'll encounter whilst watching the show:

The Family:


Playful, chatty and sociable. Meet Bluey, a 6 year old blue heeler pup who LOVES to play! Bluey is a pro at inventing games and is very good at helping everyone choose their roles and deciding on the rules. Her favourite games to play are ones that involve lots of other kids and grown-ups (especially her dad) and she likes to pretend she's a grown up doing grown up things herself. No matter who is involved, you can be sure to see her telling everybody what they should be doing. 


Say hello to Bluey's younger sister, Bingo!

Bingo is a 4 year old red heeler (just like her mum!). A noticeable difference between Bluey and Bingo is that Bingo is quieter than Bluey. Ready to play, but timid at the same time. Sometimes she forgets to be brave and share her feelings. Bingo adores her sister, Bluey and loves the games they play. She especially enjoys it when Bluey asks her to be a doctor rather than the patient! 

Aside from playing with her older sister, Bingo enjoys talking to tiny bugs in the yard or getting lost in her own beautiful world.


Meet Bluey's dad, Bandit!

Between the chaos of looking after his kids and enjoying his own hobbies, Dad does his best to use whatever energy is left after interrupted sleep, work and household chores to invent and play games with his two girls. 

Bandit does often struggle to juggle these two challenging tasks BUT he is very devoted to keeping his kids occupied and happy despite being extremely tired most of the time. Dad is also an archaeologist (he loves to dig up bones!) and is totally besotted by his wife. Awww!


She's not a regular mum, she's a cool mum! Meet Bluey's mum, Chilli!

Chilli is fun, sporty, witty and has a heart of gold. Chilli has recently returned back to her job working at Airport Security after having Bluey and Bingo. She now juggles her job alongside raising her two little kids. As a mum, Chilli often has something to say about the kids' antics or a kind word for an overwrought child BUT on the flip side she's equally at home taking part in games and is always able to see the funny side of things. She can find an important lessons to be learned in all situations and makes everyday a good day. 

Uncle Stripe

Uncle Stripe is Bluey & Bingo’s Uncle and Bandit’s younger brother.

Stripe is a gentle soul who seems to always go with the flow. He loves a challenge especially when given the opportunity to challenge his big bro, Bandit. He’s also always wishing that he could be watching cricket.

Aunt Trixie

Aunt Trixie is Bluey & Bingo’s Aunt, Uncle Stripe’s Wife and mother to Muffin and Socks. She loves playing Hockey and getting out for some much needed mum time! Don’t worry, she does love spending time with her little ones too!


Muffin is Bluey’s non-stop cousin who ALWAYS speaks her mind and tells it like it is. We can often relate to Muffin when she’s bouncing off the walls from lack of sleep!


How cute is Socks?! Socks is Muffin’s baby sister and she’s just starting to talk! For a 1 year old, she seems to easily keep up with her bigger cousins.


Nana is Bluey & Bingo’s Nana and Bandit’s Mum. She’s adorable, sweet and never says no to a challenge. Just like any grandparent, she adores her grandchildren! 

Nana + Grandad have retired to the Gold Coast too. Lucky them!

Grandad (Bob)

Grandad Bob is Bluey and Bingo’s Grandad and is living it up in sunny Queensland. 

He’s cuddly, funny and is always up for giving something a go! We love Granddad Bob.



Jack is a lively little Jack Russel who is best friends with Rusty.


Say hey to Bluey’s friend from the bush! Alongside being best friends with Jack, Rusty rides a motorbike which makes him super cool but also a parent’s worst nightmare!


We honestly don’t know where Lucky gets all of his energy from! Lucky is Bluey’s adventurous next door neighbour and just can’t stop moving!


New Zealand born and bred, Mackenzie is quick and sociable. 


Indy is the most trustworthy friend with a huge imagination.


The one with the big green glasses. Honey is assertive, mindful of others and oh-so-thoughtful.


Pretty in pink! Coco is SO enthusiastic but a very impatient poodle!


So Snickers isn’t the most physical kid BUT is a machine, atom, star loving pup.


Meet Bluey’s Best Friend Chloe! She’s super kind, gentle and smart. Everything you want in a best friend.


Judo is Bluey’s other neighbour and has a sharp looking headband.

Jean Luc

Jean Luc is Bluey’s French Canadian camping buddy.

The Terriers

Their name says it all. The terriers are unstoppable forces of nature and yes, they are little terriers. They would fight your battles until the end!


Awww the little girl in pigtails! Missy steps up and shows her bravery… when she’s ready to, of course.


Have you ever met someone so patient? No, we haven’t either! Buddy is patient for days.


Winton is an old soul and is a very obedient breed (as he likes to point out himself).


Bently is small, inventive and determined.


Calypso is an Aussie Shepherd and is Bluey’s teacher for Prep. She’s the teacher of everyone’s dreams. She’s loving, patient and lets the kids’ minds go where their imagination takes them. 

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CherylHTD - August 30, 2023

You should add Chilly’s dad. He’s really fluffy and wears a hat.

Gloria Simpson - August 30, 2023

My grandkids loves Bluey, they watch it everyday and even if they have seen the episode that’s showing they don’t mind watching it again. I used to put it on the tv and do shores but now I do chores first and sit down and enjoy it also with the kids and I have learned a lot myself about different feeling and being there for someone else, love the show !!

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