Meet the Characters of Blue's Clues & You! 🔎💙

Meet the Characters of Blue's Clues & You! 🔎💙

Get ready for an awesome adventure with Blue’s Clues & You!

The original play-along preschool series stars Blue, a preschool-aged puppy with not one, not two, but three clues! Every day, Blue leaves paw prints on three things in her house to tell us what she wants to do. And here’s the best part: Blue’s new caregiver and buddy, Josh needs our help to find those clues! Once each clue is found, Josh draws it in his Handy Dandy Notebook, and then he sits in his Thinking Chair to solve Blue’s Clues. But guess what? He can only do it with our help! 

Your little ones can play interactive games, sing, dance, and solve mysteries alongside Blue and her awesome household friends. 

From Snack time to Mailtime, Blue and her pals empower, challenge and help pre-schoolers feel confident and build on their self-esteem, all whilst helping them learn and having tons of fun! 

So without further ado, get ready to laugh, learn, and meet the loveable characters of Blue’s Clues & You!


Blue is every pre-schooler's best friend! She’s playful, imaginative, affectionate, curious, and ready to learn. In her physical attributes, Blue is a puppy but her personality and behaviour mirrors that of a pre-schooler. From eating cereal with a spoon, to colouring with crayons and attending school, Blue acts like a kid. She does not speak in words, but she can read, write, draw, dance, sing, and express herself in other ways - especially through the game she created, “Blue’s Clues.”  

Blue provides the driving energy for the show, both because of her ever-cheerful, funny spirit and personality, as well as because each episode is about figuring out her need or desire.

While Blue is a girl, she wears no girl identifiers, such as bows or dresses - she’s a universally relatable preschool kid! 


Meet Josh - Steve and Joe’s cousin and Blue’s new friend who lives in the house with her!

Just like Steve and Joe, Josh is not a teacher or a didactic adult, but rather, a free-spirited “camp counsellor” and a pre-schooler's best friend.

Josh is warm, playful, funny, friendly, and curious. He encourages rather than instructs and always turns directly to the camera, leans in to ask pre-schoolers for help, and then pauses to listen closely to their answer. Josh never quizzes kids on something he already knows - he genuinely asks for help from both Blue and you and that’s not because he’s new! Josh has a tremendous amount of respect for his friends’ brilliance. 

Since Josh is new to Blue’s house, he reacts to everything around him with wide-eyed wonder and amazement. Josh brings great energy to classic routines like the Thinking Chair, Mailtime, and skidooing, as well as finding Blue’s Clues and putting them in his new Handy Dandy Notebook, which features a notebook on one side and a smartphone on the other where he can get emails and video chats. 

Josh loves to sing, dance, play his new Handy Dandy Guitar, and laugh a lot (even multiple times at the same joke). Most of all, he loves to help. Helping is his super power!

Mr. Salt and Mrs Pepper

Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper are the resident adults in Blue’s house. This couple is from Paris and still have strong French accents. They live in the kitchen and love to cook and sing. They are an inseparable team, even though they do not always agree and may banter back and forth. In addition to cooking and preparing snacks, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper can take on other grown-up roles, such as supervising swimming, cooking, a family trip, and more. 


  • Healthy snacks!
  • Allo, allo!
  • Bon appetit!
  • Voila!


Paprika is Mr. Salt’s and Mrs. Pepper’s eldest daughter. Her birth was big news in Blue’s house, and she’s growing up before everyone’s eyes. It seems like just yesterday that she had a peanut shell cradle and spoke in two-word sentences! In the rebooted series, she is a teenager, complete with her own graham-cracker cell phone. Together with her brother Cinnamon, she helps her family look after their newest additions – Sage and Ginger!


Cinnamon is Paprika’s younger brother, and Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper’s eldest son. Paprika was so excited when her brother was born in the original series. Now, like her, he is a teenager, eager to welcome his two new youngest siblings, Sage and Ginger to the kitchen. 

Sage and Ginger

Sage and Ginger are the newest additions to Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper’s kitchen-based family. It’s very big news when these twin infants join the other condiments in Blue’s Clues & You! Oh and of course, a game of Blue’s Clues helps to reveal the surprise! 

Shovel and Pail

Brother and sister, Shovel and Pail live in the backyard of Blue’s house. Most of what they do centers around the sand table, the beach, gardening, and outdoor activities. They both love animals, nature and playing together - but like most siblings, they can easily fall into an argument. Shovel and Pail are both strong-willed and stick to their opinions, so Josh often finds himself in the middle of their bickering and must help them find a way to settle their differences. They also both speak quickly, like excited children who have to push a little harder to get their opinions heard!

Tickety Tock

Tickety Tock is a preschool girl alarm clock who lives in Blue’s bedroom. Tickety is really excited about learning how to tell time and loves to announce times of the day and making schedules if one needs making. She also has a love for numbers and can often be seen practising counting higher and higher. The 12 on her clock face can change to an icon reflecting the coming time of the day. Tickety is always full of energy and will ring her bells to show it!


  • I just love to count!
  • You can count on me!
  • I just love to ring my bells!
  • One, two, THREE!

Slippery Soap

Slippery Soap is a “bubbly” boy pre-schooler who embodies energy and humour. He lives in the bathroom in Blue’s house and can often be found in the sink of the bathtub, playing with bubbles. Slippery Soap is always excited and can often be found slipping and sliding from side to side. He sees ordinary routines, like brushing teeth as fun adventures too! As excited as he always sounds, Slippery Soap is also a sweet character that can often have his moments of shyness. 


  • Whoaaa!
  • I’m going to blow the biggest bubble ever!
  • Keeping it clean!


Mailbox has the personality of a wisecracking, whistling delivery boy who loves to bring in the mail. In Blue’s Clues & You!, Mailbox delivers traditional letters, as well as email directly to Josh’s Handy Dandy Notebook. Mailbox may live in the front yard, but he can use his Extendo-arm to appear almost anywhere in order to deliver a letter and a few jokes. He considers himself quite the comedian and loves trying out his material on the host when he delivers the mail. 


  • Mail’s here, mail’s here!
  • Mailtime!
  • Here’s your letter!
  • Hiya, Josh!

Sidetable Drawer

Sidetable Drawer lives in the living room of Blue’s house, right next to the Thinking Chair, and is the keeper of Josh’s Handy Dandy Notebook (which she is very proud of!). She’s an excitable, young character, especially when she feels included. On the other hand, Sidetable can also be timid when it comes to speaking in front of others. She also loves to sing, and when properly encouraged, she has quite a stage presence. 


  • Blue’s Clues - my favorite!
  • I just love playing Blue’s Clues!
  • Here’s your notebook!


Magenta is Blue’s school friend and neighbour. Though she can be a little shy at first, Magenta can be just as playful and energetic as Blue. She’s a good friend who cares, shares and LOVES to play. She’s also a bit of an artist who paints pictures, takes photos, and loves dressing up. Magenta came to rely on Blue and her preschool friends the day she needed to get glasses, which she came to proudly wear. Just like Blue, she speaks in barks and marks clues with pink paw prints.


Periwinkle is a precocious pre-schooler kitten who recently moved from the city to become Blue’s next door neighbour. Curious and energetic, Periwinkle loves to explore new ideas and new places. As imaginative as he is ambitious, Periwinkle takes every idea to the max and spreads excitement with his infectious enthusiasm. He isn’t shy when it comes to performing his incredible magic tricks, singing, showing off his collection of things from the city, or stepping into the spotlight in any way. Oh and he also loves to build forts, form collections, make up magic words, and eat spaghetti! 


  • Peripresto appearo!
  • Peripocus ocus crocus

Secondary Characters:

Green Puppy - An excitable friend from school who speaks in barks

Orange Kitten - A likeable girl kitten friend from school

Purple Kangaroo - A sweet friend from school who likes to mix colours and jump rope

Felt Friends - Friends made from felt shapes that live in the felt frame next to the Thinking Chair in Blue’s house

Baby Bear - A friend Blue meets when she skidoos into a storybook


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