Meet the Characters of Bing!

Meet the Characters of Bing!

Are you ready to voosh into the world of "Bing Bunny"? If you're a parent of young children, chances are you're already familiar with this popular animated series.

From the curious and playful Bing to his adorable friends and family, the characters of Bing are sure to capture the hearts of both Bingsters and parents alike. In this blog post, we'll be introducing you to the lovable cast of characters that make this show so special. Get ready to meet Bing, Flop, Sula, and the rest of Bing's friends and discover what makes them so much fun to watch!


Bing is a loveable and authentic pre-school boy. He's curious, energetic and passionate - and he lives very much in the present. Because he's so young, each moment often brings Bing new experiences for the very first time. With each bump, spillage or temporary disappointment, we are all able to celebrate the realities of pre-school life with Bing. 


Flop is patient, calm, honest and finds genuine joy in the daily simplicities of his life with Bing. He isn't troubled much by the minor spills, setbacks or the odd 'clumbo', and he always makes time for Bing to simply feel his feelings. 


Sula loves Bing (and Bing loves Sula!). Sula loves spending time with Bing and she is often a joyful and positive influence on how they play together. Sula has a world-class giggle, a weakness for anything 'sparkly' and a rather diplomatic way of seeing the positive in most situations.   


Pando is Bing's friend and next-door neighbour. They've grown up together and love playing with one another: Pando is physically quite brave! He's comfortable climbing up high, or on a skateboard, or running fast. 


Coco is Bing's older cousin and Charlie's big sister. She often comes to visit for a playdate. Coco is imaginative, clever and creative- and loves the colour purple. She is a couple of years older than Bing and (in her mind at least) she's sort of in charge... Bing doesn't always find Coco's suggestions helpful. 


Amma looks after Sula and runs the local creche and café. She is playfully in charge, and everyone loves the playful cheeky ways in which she tells them clearly what to do! Amma is noisy, loving, practical and endlessly reassuring. 


Charlie is Bing's adorable young cousin. He can't speak yet, but he knows what he wants and he usually finds a way to make his wishes clear. 


Padget looks after Pando, and also owns and runs the corner shop. She's very gentle and a bit of a dreamer. She meets life with a lyrical sweetness and an internal chuckle.

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