Marvel or DC?

Marvel or DC?

Over the years, superheroes, super-villains and all the characters in between have built a huge community of comic book fans all over the world.

Of all the comic book companies that have tried to make it in the business, two stand out among fans. 

Marvel and DC Comics are the home to some of our favourite superheroes and action movie franchises. From characters like Captain America to Wonder Woman, Spider- Man to Superman - it’s hard to pick a favourite.

With all the different “Captains” and “Mans” it’s no surprise that if you are not a super fan of superheroes, you might not know which characters were created by which company, and you may not even care. 

BUT for those of you who do care...for years, there has been what we would call a ‘legendary’ battle of comic greats from both Marvel and DC comics, but who does it better?

Marvel and DC hold a lot of the same similarities making them the same in their category; for example, they both have created many superheroes, they were founded around the same time and have both made movie franchises from their most popular heroes like: Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America (Marvel) and Batman, Green Lantern, Superman and Wonder Woman (DC). 

So to those who aren’t in to the comic book world, they may look like they are the same BUT Marvel and DC hold a lot of differences which sets them apart from each other.


When DC first started, they were famously known for telling stories of gods who performed incredible acts to protect humanity and the greater good. Superman was the standard when it came to superheroes, and he was surrounded by other characters like Aquaman, The Flash and Wonder Woman who also carried godlike abilities. Batman was more of a ‘human character’ but then became extraordinary by pushing himself to the limit to keep up with the super-powered peers at every turn. 

Marvel has always been known for having a more human approach. Marvel transformed ‘average people’ into superheroes. Characters like Peter Parker were suddenly given superhuman abilities, while other characters overcame personality flaws to do great things, giving everyday people hope that they too could reach their potential. 

The characters created by Marvel have become more relatable to readers/fans over the characters created by DC because the DC heroes are more fantasy like and more fictional to readers.  


Comedy is the element that once set Marvel comic books apart from its competitors and over the last decade, has set Marvel movies apart as well. With most Marvel movies, the comedy element is just part of what you’re being promised when you buy a cinema ticket. 

The quick-witted humour that is presented to us from our favourite characters is so natural and some scenes will leave you belly laughing. (Deadpool being the first that comes to mind!) 

Recently, DC have tried to incorporate more humour into their movies as seen in Justice League, but unfortunately the humour seems quite forced and doesn’t quite have the same impact on viewers as the Marvel movies do. 


There’s no denying that both Marvel and DC have produced some INCREDIBLE costumes over the years and are slowly stepping away from skin tights and capes. 

Although the new Marvel costumes are superb with just the right mix of old and new styles, DC’s new costumes are so clever and inventive that really highlight the definition of ‘superhero’. 

When it comes down to making a decision on what team we are on, we are pretty torn. We believe that both Marvel and DC comics have created and produced amazing superheroes, comics and movies over the years and in their own right, both deserve to be at the top.  

Fans have very different answers when asked who is superior and the lack of a clear front-runner is further proof that this debate isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

We truly believe that this ongoing rivalry will continue for years to come and we are excited to see what both Marvel and DC produce next. With being the two best comic book companies in the world, there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition right?

Are you Team Marvel or DC? 

Let us know in the comments below which team you are on!

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