Make some noise for our VU band tees!

Make some noise for our VU band tees!

It’s time to dig out your guitar out of the loft, tune it up and turn up the music in celebration of our crowd - pleasing new band tees!

Fact: Band tees are guaranteed to never go out of style and are a true staple in your wardrobe. If you don’t own at least one band tee, what are you waiting for???

It’s time to release your inner rocker and check out our new collection of band tees exclusive to VU!

Band tees can say a lot all on their own. Not only do they look AMAZING and create some of the coolest outfits ever, they have the ability to show off your passion for incredible music.

What’s not to love about a band tee?

Without further ado, introducing… our VU band tees!

Blondie AKA Unisex T-Shirt

Blondie Unisex Parallel Lines T-Shirt 

Pink Floyd 1973 Dark Side of the Moon Unisex T-Shirt 

David Bowie Unisex 1974 World Tour T-Shirt

Misfits Skull Unisex T-Shirt 

Bowie Rebel Rebel Unisex T-Shirt 

ACDC Circle Highway to Hell Unisex T-Shirt 

ACDC Highway to Hell Unisex T-Shirt 

ACDC Let There Be Rock Unisex T-Shirt 

Cypress Hill LA Unisex T-Shirt

ACDC Back in Black Unisex Adult T-Shirt

Shop our complete collection of band tees available on our website right now!

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