Let's get Nostalgic - 10 Iconic Toys from the '90s!

Let's get Nostalgic - 10 Iconic Toys from the '90s!

No social media, no smartphones, and no distractions. Oh how we loved the ‘90s!

'90s nostalgia is definitely making a comeback and we're certainly not mad about it. When the only thing you had to worry about was taking care of your Tamagotchi pet, or trying to collect as many Beanie Babies as possible, the '90s were a great time. 

There was no greater moment of joy every birthday and Christmas than going through the Argos catalogue and circling all the toys you wanted.

The '90s were a golden era for toys that captured the hearts of kids everywhere. Remember the good old days when the biggest decision you had to make was which toy to play with?

From Polly Pocket and Betty Spaghetty to Trolls and gooey alien eggs, the toys of the '90s were some of the best. So with that being said, let's take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of our favourite and most iconic toys from the '90s.


Every worry it might start beeping in the middle of the night? Because we definitely did! You knew your parents trusted you with real responsibility when you were gifted a Tamagotchi for Christmas. 

Tamagotchi was the digital pet that defined childhood for most kids in the 90s and required CONSTANT attention. From feeding, cleaning to making sure they didn’t die (RIP to all the neglected Tamagotchis out there). It was most definitely a lesson in responsibility disguised as a fun toy and taught us how to take care of a pet without our parents actually getting us pets.

Polly Pocket

Of course, no list of classic 90s toys would be complete without Polly Pocket.

Having a doll that could fit in your pocket, what more could you want?! She was the essential accessory that could go anywhere with you. However, nothing haunts us like the Polly Pocket pieces we lost as children.  


The face you could never erase from your childhood memory, and the sound you would recognise from a mile away.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Furbies were a staple in every household during the 90s. A cute little furry creature that could talk, sing, move, dance, and light up too! Name a toy more iconic than your good old friend Furby! 

Bop It

Bop it, twist it,pull it, love it! No kids party was complete without one of these. Even your parents got involved with this one. Of course, they were awful but that was all part of the fun!

Beanie Babies

How did you exist in the 90s without them? Beanie babies were a phenomenon in the ‘90s. You couldn’t just have one beanie baby, your goal was to collect them all!

Pokemon Cards

The ultimate 90s obsession, Pokemon cards were an absolute staple of any school playground. Even if you didn’t play the trading game , trading cards with friends was always a good time. The pure excitement when opening up a pack and seeing a shiny was a feeling like no other!

Electronic Dream Phone

Before everyone had an iPhone, this was the closest you would ever get to having your own private line.

Here’s the game run down: each player would choose a photo card, call the number on it,listen to hints about their ‘secret admirer’, and then take a guess by pressing the guess button and dialling the boy’s number. Get it right, and you win; miss the mark, and you keep playing until you uncover who your crush was.

Betty Spaghetty

Betty Spaghetty was a weird but wonderful doll with flexible limbs and spaghetti-like hair. Unlike other dolls, she wasn’t made to look realistic, which we loved! From the outfit options to the hair, everyone wanted to play with Betty. She had interchangeable accessories and little beads, and that’s all that mattered.

Game Boy Colour

Forget the likes of Candy Crush or Temple Run, the Game Boy was the original hand-held obsession kids had. Playing Mario Kart on the go in bright colour was a game changer (literally!). Being able to take your favourite video games with you on the go changed the world of gaming forever. Pokemon in colour; what more could you possibly want?

Mr. Frosty

We most definitely circled this every year in the Argos catalogue for Christmas. Granted it was cheaper to get ice out of the freezer but Mr. Frosty was sooo cool! (No pun intended).

Whether you were a Tamagotchi fanatic, a Beanie Baby collector or an avid Game Boy gamer, these toys brought joy to '90s kids everywhere and there really wasn't anything like the toys in the '90s.

Did you grow up in the 90s? Which toy was your favourite?

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