Kids Half Term Essentials!

Kids Half Term Essentials!

It won't be sun hats and sun cream this February half term, BUT it will be wellies, warm clothes and puddle suits. With plenty of adventures and activities to get up to this half term, be prepared for a fun filled break no matter what the weather.

Whatever you've got planned this half term, adventures require a wardrobe to match, no matter what the activity! So to make this half term as easy as possible for you, check out our range of half term essentials for your little ones. 

Puddle Suits

No sunshine? No problem!

When the grey skies appear, keep them, warm (and dry!) with out super cute collection of puddle-friendly puddle suits. 

The Gruffalo Kids Puddle Suit - £27.95 

Baby Shark Kids Puddle Suit - £27.95

Blue's Clues & You! Kids Puddle Suit - £27.95 

PAW Patrol Skye Girls Puddle Suit - £27.95

PAW Patrol Kids Puddle Suit - £27.95

Wellies for splashing in puddles

If the rain decides to make an appearance during half term, which lets be honest in the UK, it's inevitable, wellies are the go-to footwear! From splashing in puddles to muddy walks on adventures, wellies for your little one are a half term essential.

The Gruffalo Kids Wellies - £19.99

Baby Shark Kids Wellies - £18.99

Blue’s Clues & You! Kids Wellies - £12.99

Hey Duggee Boys Wellies - £13.95

Hey Duggee Girls Wellies - £13.95


No matter what activities your little one will be getting up to this half term, ensuring they have a warm outfit is essential, especially if your plans involve venturing outdoors! From PAW Patrol to Barbie, a hoodie with our kids' favourite character on is the perfect option to dress your child in this half term.

Baby Shark Kids Hoodie - £14.95 

Sonic The Hedgehog Japanese Gamer Hoodie - £11.99

Minecraft Creeper Boys Hoodie - £16.95

PAW Patrol Skye with 3D Ears Kids Hoodie - £14.99

PAW Patrol Chase with 3D Ears Kids Hoodie - £14.99

PAW Patrol Everest with 3D Ears Kids Hoodie - £14.99

PAW Patrol Marshall with 3D Ears Kids Hoodie - £14.99

PAW Patrol Rubble with 3D Ears Kids Hoodie - £14.99

Barbie Checked Collegiate Girls Hoodie - £15.95

Barbie Strong Girls Make Waves Girls Hoodie - £15.95


When it comes to hat and glove sets, we have plenty! They key to a worry-free half term is to be prepared with the right accessories to hand so that you're prepared for all occasions. With the unpredictable weather that we experience in the UK, you can't go wrong with having a warm knitted hat (and gloves to match!). 

Minecraft Characters Beanie, Scarf and Glove Set - £15.99

Sonic the Hedgehog Boys Knitted Hat and Glove Set - £14.95

Blue’s Clues & You! Hat and Glove Set - £14.95

George Pig Peppa Pig Hat and Glove Set -£14.95

Peppa Pig Girls Hat and Glove Set - £14.95

PAW Patrol Girls Hat and Glove Set - £14.95

SpongeBob SquarePants Kids Hat and Glove Set - £14.95


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