Hannah Montana's 15th Anniversary!

Hannah Montana's 15th Anniversary!

On the 24th March 2006, Disney Channel premiered an original TV show that you may or may not have heard of...

Tomorrow marks the 15th anniversary of the very well missed Disney Channel show, Hannah Montana.

Miley Cyrus shot to fame on Disney Channel playing Miley Stewart, a young girl living a double life as a mega famous popstar called Hannah Montana.

With the show starting in 2006 and ending in 2011, the show aired on Disney Channel for four seasons and lasted five years. 

In our opinion, Hannah Montana was one of the most iconic TV shows to grace our TV screens. The cast was amazing, the storyline had us wanting more and where do we even start with the music?!

Miley Cyrus may have hung up Hannah Montana’s wig for good back in 2011, but we wanted to bring it back for this blog post.

To celebrate 15 years of Hannah Montana, here our our top moments from the hit TV show.

When Miley tells Lily that she is Hannah Montana

Back to where it all began and where the obsession first started! One of the best scenes from Hannah Montana has got to be when Miley reveals her identity to her best friend, Lily. Lily's reaction is hilarious and is not one to be forgotten.

When Hannah Montana met the Jonas Brothers 

Name a more iconic cameo, we'll wait. Our fangirl dreams came true when our favourite 3 piece made an appearance in Season 2, Episode 16. Not only did we get to watch Joe, Nick and Kevin on-screen with Miley, but we were treated to a banger of a song with 'We Got The Party' and it's been on repeat ever since.

Also, who else shipped Niley?

When Miley tells Oliver she's Hannah Montana

Like thousands of teenagers around the world, Oliver had the biggest crush on Hannah Montana. So when Lily came up with a plan to make Oliver not like Hannah anymore, we couldn't wait to see what she had come up with.

Lily and Miley decided that Hannah would act completely disgusting around Oliver in hopes that his crush for her would go away, only for Oliver to not care how gross she was. The only thing left for Hannah to do was to admit to Oliver that she is actually Miley. A moment that left us shocked!

When Miley and Jake FINALLY kissed 

We all know that Miley Stewart had a few love interests throughout Hannah Montana's run on Disney Channel, but the most epic of them had to be her on-again/off-again movie star boyfriend, Jake Ryan. Miley and Jake's relationship was the teen romance we had all dreamt of. So the moment when Jake and Miley finally locked lips hit us hard in the feels. Even though Miley and Jake didn't end up together in the end, we are still here for Jiley!

The Bone Dance

Who remembers the bone dance?! In Season 2, Episode 4, Miley needed to learn the names of the bones in the human body for a test at school, so she created a song to the tune of Hannah Montana's hit song 'Nobody's Perfect'.

"Then comes the tibia, that ain't no fibia" was one of our favourite lines!

Cheese Jerky anyone?

There were a lot of memorable moments in Season 2, including the creation of the infamous 'Cheese Jerky'. Jackson and Oliver created a new recipe and even made up an awesome rap for it! Cheeky chappy Rico also made a second attempt to steal the Cheese Jerky recipe - that boy never gave up did he?

When Miley had to choose between Jake and Jesse

Team Jake or Team Jesse?

Whatever team you were on, all of our hearts shattered when she had to choose between the two heartthrobs. Such a tough decision for a teenage girl to go through right? To choose between a famous actor and a super cute, bad boy, guitar player? Just glad it wasn't us! 

Oh and who else remembers the iconic song that came with this episode 'He Could Be The One?'

When Miley decides to give up her double life 

This moment could be one of the most iconic throughout the entire series. After keeping Hannah Montana a secret for years, living a double life had finally taken its toll on Miley's life after not being accepted to college and her relationship with her boyfriend ended.

Who else shed a tear when Miley started singing 'I'll Always Remember You'??? We certainly did!

 When Hannah Montana reveals her secret 

***spoiler alert***

The moment we all had been waiting for and we still can't quite believe it happened. Hannah finally took off her wig to admit her secret to the world. It was one of those moments that we knew would happen eventually but still wasn't ready for that moment to come. When Miley sang her first song as Miley and not Hannah Montana, we freaked out and our emotions were all over the place. It was a moment of television that we will never forget! 

When Miley surprised Lily

In the final few episodes of Hannah Montana our hearts broke but in the final scene of the Hannah Montana series, our hearts were mended when Miley decided to ditch the movie deal and go to college with her best friend. When Miley knocks on the door of Lily's dorm room where she is sitting by herself, Miley says "Hi I'm Miley, I'm your new roommate." and oh my god, this scene is a serious tear jerker. We're getting emotional just writing about this scene!

Hannah Montana was more than just a show. When it ended I think we can speak on behalf of a lot of people out there, that as viewers we felt like we had lost our friends. 

Happy 15th Anniversary Hannah Montana! Here's to hoping for a Hannah Montana reunion one day. We can dream right?

If only they still made Disney Channel shows like this one. What's your favourite Hannah Montana moment? Let us know in the comments below!



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