Games to play on Christmas Day!

Games to play on Christmas Day!

Christmas Day is the perfect time to rope in all of the family to play some festive games! 

From traditional games you will already know and love to play, such as Pictionary and Charades, to new and inventive ones like Christmas Price Is Right and Human Christmas Tree. There are plenty of games to play at Christmas that are suitable for all ages and are not limited to just Christmas Day!

None of these games require much preparation so you can simply play them  whenever you feel like it. So get ready for the festive season with some fun and homemade games. 

Keep on reading to see our picks of the best games to play over the Christmas period! 


Who doesn’t love a game of Charades? This game always goes down a treat at parties so why not give everybody’s favourite party game a Christmas twist? Get your family members/ guests to physically act out Christmas- themed phrases, titles of Christmas movies or songs, or characters like Santa and Rudolph, without speaking. 

Christmas Movie Trivia 

Create your own quiz and test your family’s knowledge. Print out some questions about your favourite Christmas movies (could be old or new), then split into teams and get quizzing your family on the likes of A Christmas Story, Elf, The Grinch and Jack Frost! 

Name that Christmas Song/ Christmas Song Bingo 

Who doesn’t love a good Christmas song?? Create a bingo sheet with various Christmas songs on, put on a Christmas playlist, match the song to the correct square on your bingo sheet and be the first to get five in a row to win! 

Christmas Guess Who/ Heads Up

All you need is some sticky notes and a pen for this one OR you can download the app ‘Heads Up’ that features several different categories from naming celebrities, to singing, to acting out silly accents.

Christmas Family Fortunes 

Inspired by the TV game show, this game has you competing in teams to guess the most popular answers to questions like ‘Name a Popular Christmas song’. This one is great for all the family and hopefully won’t cause too many disagreements! 

DIY Snowman 

All you will need for this game is some toilet roll and a few other props that you will typically use when building a snowman. Divide your guest into teams and see who can create the best looking snowman in 2 minutes! 

Christmas Tray Game

This game is one for testing your memory skills. Simply put some festive items, such as a cracker, mince pie, bauble, cellotape, Christmas decorations, cookie cutters, etc onto a tray then your guests have one minute to memorise all the items they can. Once the time is up, ask them to write down as many items as they can remember! 

Wrapping Race

If you have any wrapping paper left over or have lots of scrap from Christmas morning then this could be a good game to play. Set up assembly lines of boxes or gifts, scissors, wrapping paper, ribbon and sellotape then race to wrap. The winner is the team with the most presents wrapped. (Maybe not so suitable for the little ones to play!)

Mystery Stocking Game

Fill a large Christmas stocking with items from around the house and get your guests to guess what is inside without looking.

Pin the nose on the Rudolph 

A festive twist on the classic pin the tail on the Donkey game. The aim of the game is to place the red nose on the right spot on Ruldolph’s body. Make sure each player is blindfolded when taking their go and spin them round to disorientate them! Point them in the right direction so they don’t go walking into the Christmas tree and then place the red nose in their hand with something sticky on the back. Everybody has a go and whoever gets closest to the correct spot wins a prize! 

Human Christmas Tree

This game is very similar to the DIY Snowman game. Separate into teams with one person in each team playing the part of the human Christmas tree. Each team then has to turn their chosen person into a Christmas tree using tinsel and decorations - in just one minute! When the time is up the winner is the team that has the best decorated human Christmas tree.

Christmas Price Is Right

Inspired by the popular TV game show, see who can guess the prices of popular Christmas items or popular gifts for 2020. Put together a list of items and see who can guess the price tag. The person with the most correct answers, wins!

Mr and Mrs - Family Edition

Now there is actually a board game of this available online BUT you can simply create your own version tailored to who is playing. The aim of the game is to correctly answer questions about your spouse, partner, sibling or whoever you’re playing with! (Does help if you know the person of course…) Make the questions as interesting as you can. The pair with the most points wins! 

Christmas Emoji Game

How well do you know your Christmas movies? Enough to know how they’re written in emoji form? The Christmas emoji game will test your knowledge on how well you know your emojis and Christmas movies! A great game for adults and teens - maybe not so much fun for the grandparents though! 

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Kids LOVE scavenger hunts! So why not create your own? Have them searching the house for clues and solving riddles along the way to find a prize! Definitely something to keep the little ones occupied for when they get bored of their new toys! 


Leave a comment below what games you will be playing on Christmas Day!

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