Disney's Cruella - Movie Review

Disney's Cruella - Movie Review

Fabulous, chilling and wickedly stylish.

The wait is over, Cruella is officially out in cinemas! 

In case you didn’t know, Cruella the movie is the latest live-action release from Disney that follows a young Cruella de Vil from her roots as an orphaned urchin to an aspiring fashion designer that is determined to avenge her mother’s death.

Cruella is a prequel to the iconic 101 Dalmatians that we all grew up loving. Anybody else beg their parents for a dalmatian growing up? 

With the movie hitting movie screens just last Friday, we wanted to share our opinions on the new movie, without giving too much away for those who are yet to see it obviously!

The wardrobe. The soundtrack. The casting. This film is wickedly brilliant.

There are so many things to love about this origins story from the wacky costumes to the 70s soundtrack, but most importantly the dynamic between Emma Stone and Emma Thompson has got to be at the top of our list.

Alongside Emma Stone playing the stunning titular character, the film also stars Dame Emma Thompson as Cruella’s boss Baroness von Hellman, who runs a prestigious London fashion house. When watching the pair work together on screen, we never realised until afterwards that they are the wickedly stylish and brilliant double act we never knew we needed until now. 

We are HUGE fans of Emma Stone, so it’s hard not to be amazed by anything that she does, but when she is paired with the task of bringing Cruella’s no-nonsense attitude to life, she’s an absolute dream.

Overall, Cruella is a fun and unexpected take on the iconic villain BUT in a good way. The film is packed full of energy, action, incredible style, an amazing soundtrack and of course, some pretty cute dogs. Cruella the movie is all about family and in parts, get’s pretty dark. The movie exceeded our expectations and we are already planning a 101 Dalmatians movie marathon.

The film gave us goosebumps (and no that wasn’t because the air conditioning was on full blast in the cinema!).

It felt so good to be back sitting in front of the big screen once again and what better way to celebrate returning to the cinemas than to watch this masterpiece.

If you loved 101 Dalmatians growing up or just love a good Disney movie, then Cruella is a must watch.

The big screen is most definitely the place to watch this iconic film. However, if you can’t make it down to your local cinema to watch Cruella, the live-action movie is available to buy on Disney + for £19.99 with premier access.

We are loving the release of these untold stories of the Disney Villains. First Maleficent, and now Cruella. Who’s next? Ursula maybe?

Have you watched Cruella yet? If so, what are your thoughts?

Let us know in the comments below!

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