Disneyland Paris turns 30!

Disneyland Paris turns 30!

On the 12th April 1992, Disneyland Paris first opened its door to Disney fans all over the world. Since then, Disneyland Paris has been a top tourist attraction ever since and over 375 millions visits later, DLP has continued to remain one of the most magical places on Earth,

Fast forward to 2022, Disneyland Paris is now celebrating its 30th Anniversary!

From March 6th 2022, the 30th anniversary celebrations will begin and be prepared to dream bigger, laugh louder and smile wider than ever before.

“Let the magic shine like never before!” 

(Image: Disneyland Paris)

To mark the occasion, expect to enjoy new attractions, shows and food as well as new makeovers for Mickey, Minnie and the gang!

From jaw-dropping shows and magical festivities like no other, Disneyland Paris is treating us to a celebration of a life-time!

Shiny new costumes for our favourite Disney characters, festive aura including music and new decorations especially for the 30th! Plus a new daytime and night-time pre-show! 

Not only will Mickey, Minnie, Donald and co be decked out in new shimmery costumes BUT Minnie will be showcasing a brand new look this year.

British fashion designer Stella McCartney has partnered with Disney to create Minnie’s first pant suit’ - the first time she has ever worn trousers. How amazing! 

Disney’s D-Light

The original Disney Illuminations night time show will open with a brand new opening called ‘Disney D-Light’ which will include new video projections, water jets and family-favourite songs. “Disney D-Lightwill be presented before the beloved night-time spectacular “Disney Illuminations” and will feature more than 200 drones right above the castle, and is the first time a Disney park will use drone technology in this way. 

Also, the synchronized drones will form the sparkling figure “30” above the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Got to go big for the 30th anniversary right? 

(Image: Disneyland Paris)

Gardens of Wonder 

Get ready to wander through 9 enchanting themed gardens in Central Plaza, with 30 unique sculptures bringing a world of Disney and Pixar characters to life like never before! However, they won't be that easy to spot… so if you are planning a visit to Disneyland Paris, be on the lookout!

(Image: Disneyland Paris)

Exclusive 30th Anniversary souvenirs and treats!

With every celebration comes new merchandise and treats. 

Who doesn’t love a bit of Disney merch? 

With 63 boutiques and shops, there’s always something new to buy at Disneyland Paris (trust us!), and great news - for the resort’s 30th Anniversary, there will be more than 350 new exclusive items to choose from. 

To celebrate the anniversary, the 30th anniversary merch collection includes ears, apparel, bags, plushies and even everybody's favourite… Mickey Mouse soap dispenser!!! The 30th Anniversary collection has something for everyone. 

Now if you’re a real Disney foodie like us then you are most definitely in for a treat this year! Disneyland Paris has promised us a host of new dishes and drinks on the menu, featuring vegetarian options, birthday-themed desserts and new cocktails! 

So get ready to treat your taste buds to some yummy snacks and drinks exclusively for the 30th Anniversary.

(Image: Disneyland Paris)

“Dream…and Shine Brighter!” Daytime Show

If you’ve been to a Disney park before then you KNOW just how magical daytime shows are and how essential they are to tick off your Disney checklist.

“ Dream…and Shine Brighter” is a brand new daytime show set to be performed several times a day in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Park - which is even more beautiful than ever following its recent 12 month refurbishment!

Show Producer Astrid Gomez has said that the new daytime show is centred around three major themes: “Laugh Louder”, “Love” and “Dreams”. 

Laugh Louder because they want to share moments of joy and fun with park guests. Love between couples as well as a love of friends and family and Dreams - both the dreams we have when we’re sleeping and the dream to achieve our goals. 

From classic to contemporary, the new show will feature 33 Disney characters (should’ve run with 30 considering it’s their 30th anniversary) BUT the more the merrier! Characters, dancers and colourful new floats will make their way down Main Street and will be accompanied by a unique soundtrack that includes the brand new 30th theme song “Un Monde Qui S’illumine” which translates to “A World That Lights Up”. 

And of course, we had the end with quite possibly the “super-est” announcement of them all, the opening of the long-awaited Avengers Campus!

(Image: Disneyland Paris)

Become a part of the MARVEL Universe from Summer 2022. 

It’s been a long wait but it’s finally time to see Walt Disney Studios be transported to the Marvel Universe! Prepare to assemble for Avengers Campus - a brand new land at Disneyland Paris. Whether you love Spider-Man or want to become a part of the Avengers, you can discover and embrace in all things Marvel at the brand new Avengers Campus!

Whether you’re planning your first ever trip or planning your 30th, celebrating the 30th anniversary is the perfect time to discover (or discover) Disneyland Paris.

Celebrations for the 30th Anniversary at Disneyland Paris officially kick off today! 

It’s looking like Disneyland Paris is treating us to one heck of an anniversary and we absolutely can’t wait! What are you most excited about?  Let us know in the comments below!

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