Amazon Studios' Cinderella Movie Review

Amazon Studios' Cinderella Movie Review

Once upon a time, Cinderella dreamed of owning her own business. Or at least she does in the latest adaptation of the classic fairy-tale. 

We've lost count of how many versions of Cinderella have been created but we are so here for this new version of the fairy-tale. Let's just say, we have never seen the rags-to-riches princess belt out J.Lo's "Let's Get Loud" in a fairy-tale finale! From Camila Cabello to James Corden as a mouse, here is our movie review of Amazon Studios' Cinderella. 

In this movie, Cinderella has big dreams of being a fashion designer and supporting herself so that she no longer has to live in her stepmother's basement. This movie also tries to give the stepmother (played by Idina Menzel) some understanding of the reason for her cruelty and tones down the mean girl element of the two "ugly" step-sisters.

Camila Cabello has hung up her popstar shoes (for now) to put on her glass slippers to star in a brand new musical reimagining of the fairy-tale, which centres on an orphaned maiden who yearns not for true love but for success as a dream maker. 

This version is a classic mix of modernity and the original tale of Cinderella. Writer-director Kay Cannon welcomes audiences into a fantasy unlike any before it with letting characters break into song at any given time. 

'Cinderella' the princess doesn't need a man, but instead needs fabrics and someone to notice her unmissable talent for designing dresses. This Cinderella is ambitious, quick witted and has no time for a prince.

We have to admit that in some of the scenes there is a LOT going on and we found it quite hard to focus on what was really going on, but for the most part the storyline is easy to follow and there really are some sweet moments. 

The musical numbers shine through in this movie for sure. What we loved about Cinderella is being able to sing along with the majority of the songs! Not knowing anything about the soundtrack prior to watching, we found ourselves singing along to the likes of __ and it was great!

Alongside singing famous top 40 hits throughout the movie, Camila stole the show with the track titled "Million To One" which she wrote herself for the movie. We are so obsessed with this song!

With a star studded cast too, what could go possibly go wrong? From Billy Porter as the fabulous Fairy Godmother, to James Corden as a mouse! Oh and who knew Idina Menzel could play such a great evil stepmother?

The twist on the Cinderella story was received really well by fans too. With Ella wanting to be a fashion designer who wants to go to the ball to sell other royalty on her skills, the prince is someone who helps her follow these dreams and comes second to her personal goals. Ella doesn't want to have to choose between love and her career and we loved that!

We also got to see different sides of characters that we haven't necessarily got to see beforehand in previous movies. The prince is more developed as a character in this adaptation compared to others and we found it rather refreshing!

Overall, as cheesy as this movie was and we're saddened that Shawn Mendes didn't play the role of Prince Charming, the soundtrack for this movie is incredible and we guarantee that you will be listening to the songs on repeat for the foreseeable future. From a star-studded cast, to powerful lessons in self-confidence, perseverance and the power of imagination, Cinderella is an empowering and feel-good movie to watch. 

Cinderella drags the princess tale into the 21st century with Top-40 pop songs and a girl boss in glass slippers.

Despite this movie receiving not the best reviews, we secretly really enjoyed this movie.

Cinderella is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video now.

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