Celebrate Star Wars Day in Style this May the 4th! ✨

Celebrate Star Wars Day in Style this May the 4th! ✨

The greatest time of the year for any Star Wars fan is finally here (and just two days away!).

May the 4th, also known as Star Wars Day is a day to be celebrated by Star Wars fans all around the world. This year, Disney and Lucasfilm are making the celebration of George Lucas' franchise extra special and upping the celebrations with The Phantom Menace back in cinemas! So get those podracers up and running because The Phantom Menace is celebrating its 25th Anniversary.

With The Phantom Menace returning to cinemas, fans can enjoy it on the big screen again OR for the very first time.

For those wanting to experience the movie on the big screen, The Phantom Menace will return to cinemas on Friday 3rd May.

To celebrate Star Wars Day, embrace the power of the force this May the 4th with some force-filled additions to your Star Wars collection.

Sith or Jedi, these are the products you seek. So whether you're on the light side or dark side, celebrate a Galaxy, Far, Far Away in style this Star Wars Day!

Star Wars Boys Two Tone Hoodie - £16.95

Star Wars Darth Vader Boys T-Shirt - £10.95

Star Wars Phantom Menace Sublimation Boys T-Shirt - £10.95

Star Wars Rule the Galaxy Pyjama Set - £14.95

Star Wars Darth Vader Boys Slippers - £12.95

Star Wars Darth Vader Mens Slippers - £15.95

The Mandalorian Grogu 'Baby Yoda' Mens Pyjamas - £18.95

The Mandalorian 'Snack Time' Mens Pyjamas - £18.95

Star Wars The Mandalorian Men's T-Shirt - £13.99

Star Wars Storm Trooper Elite Squad Mens T-Shirt - £13.99

Star Wars R2D2 Women's Costume Dress - £21.99

Star Wars Princess Leia Women's Pyjamas - £18.99

Star Wars Pets 4 Piece Gift Set - £19.99

Star Wars Welcome To The Darkside Door Mat - £17.99

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