Celebrate National Pokemon Day with us!

Celebrate National Pokemon Day with us!

Happy National Pokemon Day!

To celebrate National Pokemon Day, we're celebrating all things Pokemon, of course!

National Pokemon Day is on February 27th to commemorate the launch of the first "Pokemon" games, released in 1996 in Japan.

As part of the celebration, we want to celebrate with YOU! Our fellow Pokemon lovers.

There's ton of ways to celebrate National Pokemon Day. In our opinion, the best way to celebrate the occasion is to play! (In our Pokemon merchandise of course!) From trading cards and videos, there's so much to do to mark the occasion and what better way to celebrate all things Pokemon than with official Pokemon products!

Every good Pokemon trainer knows that, when it comes to Pokemon products, you gotta catch' em all! Become the Pokemon trainer of your dreams and kit your little ones out with some iconic Pokemon merchandise.

As the Pokemon universe continues to spread, so does our range of products! 

Our Pokemon collection includes T-Shirts, hoodies, pyjamas, slippers, dresses, backpacks, swimwear and so much more.

Share the love this National Pokemon Day and check out some of our faves:

Pokemon Pikachu Kids 'VUddie' - £29.99


Pokemon Kids 'VUddie' - £29.99

Pokemon 4 Piece Lunch Bag Backpack Set - £28.99


Pokemon Characters Boy's T-Shirt - £10.99

Pokemon Pikachu Boys Hoodie - £17.99

Pokemon Pikachu and Characters 5 Piece Lunch Bag Set - £20.99

Pokemon Pikachu Girl's Hoodie Dress -  £17.99

Pokemon Pikachu and Pokeball Swim Shorts - £9.99

Pokemon Pikachu Girl's Stripy Swimsuit - £11.99 

Pokemon Pikachu 3D Kids Slippers - £13.99

Pokemon Pikachu 3D Ears Onesie - £24.99

Pokemon Pikachu Girls T-Shirt - £10.99

Pokemon Characters Boy's T-Shirt - £10.99

Pokemon Pikachu Kids Pocket Front Bathrobe - £18.99

Pokemon Gotta Catch Em All Backpack - £23.99

Check out our full Pokemon collection HERE! :)

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