Black Adam Movie Review

Black Adam Movie Review

Make way for the anti-hero! 

Black Adam is on the big screen and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has finally made his superhero debut as he embodies the role of the misunderstood champion Teth-Adam.

Now we all know that Dwayne Johnson has already built a reputation for himself as the modern action hero, so after landing the role of Teth-Adam, aka Black Adam, way back in 2014, we couldn't wait to see him on the big screen. 

Black Adam is based on the DC Comics character of the same name. Nearly 5,000 years after he was bestowed with the almighty powers of the ancient gods and imprisoned just as quickly, the story follows the mythic superhero when he is freed from his earthly tomb, ready to unleash his unique form of justice on the modern world.

The movie is set in the imaginary Middle Eastern country of Kahndaq, an ancient and once-proud land currently occupied by a mercenary force called the Intergang.

It's only been out a few days and the DC Extended Universe Movie has already created a big buzz at the box office, despite the mixed reviews. 

Now we all know that Dwayne Johnson is without a doubt one of the nicest actors in the industry, so as soon as we knew that he would be making his debut in the DC Extended Universe, we knew that this movie was going to be a must-watch. With being such A NICE guy, you want to root for the guy no matter what he stars in right? 

Well, that was our intention going into the cinema to watch Black Adam. 

Doubted by critics, loved by fans. Here's what we thought of the latest movie from the DC Universe.

Let's start off by saying that The Rock is electrifyingly brutal and the action in this movie is just non-stop! You can most definitely tell that Black Adam was the role he was born to play and is just a role that he naturally thrives in. He is the ultimate bad-ass and the thought of him working with (or against) other heroes and villains after this movie is so exciting. 

What makes us like this movie more is the passion Dwayne has for this movie.

During the press tour of the movie, Dwayne Johnson revealed that this movie is the most important movie of his career to date, labelling Black Adam his passion project for the DC Extended Universe. For the past 15 years, Dwayne has been fighting for this movie to get the green light and dragging it towards production and finally his wish has come true and we love that!

Despite the mixed reviews of the new movie, The Rock took to twitter recently to say that "In the end, the only thing that matters to me is sending the people home happy. And that's what I'll always fight for."

It's safe to say that Dwayne Johnson delivers on his promise of shifting the DCEU in a different direction. Yes, the story is a little up and down in sections BUT overall, there are definitely moments that fans will LOVE and seeing The Rock as somewhat a "super" hero, is a sight to see. 

If you're a fan of the comics, then you will know that Teth-Adam isn't your traditional hero. He isn't one to be regularly cracking jokes. Thankfully, Dwayne does the character justice and swaps his charisma for a performance that is brutal, badass alongside providing the right amount of depth and dry humour to make it an entertaining watch. 

However, Black Adam's biggest weakness is that so much of it isn't actually about Black Adam. From the multiple trailers and preview clips prior to the movie release, we went into the cinema thinking we knew that the movie was solely based on the antihero known as Black Adam, but in fact the movie spends a lot of time on characters that are not Adam - meaning a lot of characters had their own opportunity to shine. 

The movie was at its best when it leaned into its star. I mean it is, The Rock after all. His charm and charisma is what elevates this movie for sure. It's very clear to see that Dwayne Johnson was made for this role. You know how Ryan Reynolds is basically the real life Deadpool? Well, Dwayne Johnson is Black Adam!

Now let's talk about the Justice Society...

First of all, let's not get confused with the DCEU's Justice League but the Justice Society felt more established as a superhero team than the Justice League. (You can agree to disagree) 

The Avengers called, they want their superheroes back. Joke! No but seriously...

Hawkman reminded us of Falcon, Pierce Brosnan's character gave us Dr Strange vibes, and Cyclone, well...her twists were impressive? Overall, she was a great supporting character. 

Noah Centineo's character 'Atom Smasher' reminded us a lot of Spider-Man with his clumsiness and charm, but don't worry... nobody can take the place of our beloved Tom Holland.

Despite the similarities to the MCU, the team had immense chemistry and for us, our favourite had to be Dr. Fate. He stole the show for us and quite frankly, fans deserve more of this character. We really enjoyed their involvement in the movie but it's just unfortunate we didn't get to know much about their backstories. I can only assume that we will at some point in the near future. 

When it comes to costumes, Adam's suit was awesome! I mean, I'm sure we can all agree that The Rock already looks like a superhero anyways doesn't he?! As the film went on, his costume started to look like it had been pulled right out of the pages of a comic.

Now we won't give away too many spoilers BUT the end-credits scene gave us hope for the future of the DCEU and lets just say it has left it open for a very interesting sequel. Are we going to see Black Adam making more of a frequent appearance in the DCEU? I guess we will have to wait and see... (we really hope we do!)

From the action packed scenes to the amazing graphics, Black Adam overall was a good movie. Would we rush to see it on opening weekend if Dwayne Johnson wasn't playing the lead role? Probably not BUT In conclusion, I think that Black Adam is one of those movies that you need to see yourself rather than relying on reviews to determine whether it's worth a trip to the cinema.

You don't have to be a DC super fan to appreciate this movie and Black Adam definitely sets up something that could be really exciting for the future of the DCEU.

Wrestler, Actor, now Anti Hero. What's next for Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson?

Black Adam is out now in cinemas everywhere.



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