Binge-worthy TV Shows from Warner Bros. 📺

Binge-worthy TV Shows from Warner Bros. 📺

Lights, camera, let's party like it's Warner Bros.' 100th anniversary! For an entire country, the legendary studio has bene creating entertainment gold, and we're here to honour the occasion and celebrate some of their best binge-worthy TV shows.

From Friends to Supernatural, these shows have kept us glued to our screens, kept us going from one episode to the next and had us going back time and time again. These gems from Warner Bros. have stolen our hearts and are the perfect excuse to throw on our cosiest PJS, grab some snacks, and embark on a laughter filled, tear inducing, binge fest.

So, get ready to celebrate 100 years of entertainment with us whilst we talk about some of our all-time favourite binge worthy TV shows from Warner Bros. 

The Vampire Diaries

If you've always thought that The Vampire Diaries is just another teen paranormal drama, you just need to give it a chance because if you've ever wondered why we love vampires so much, The Vampire Diaries is why.

From steamy love triangles to intense supernatural showdowns, Warner Bros. really treated us with this series. Although the show has finished, we still find ourselves so emotionally invested in the character's journeys and how could you not fall in love with the Salvatore brothers?!

Now the answer we all want to know... are you team Stefan or Damon?


Could we BE any more in love with Friends?!

From its iconic catchphrases, unforgettable characters, and a bond between friends that's stronger than Ross and Rachel's on-again, off-again relationship, Friends has become the ultimate go-to comfort show that never fails to make us laugh, cry, and crave a cup of coffee at Central Perk.

Friends is THE show and will forever be timeless in our eyes. The show feels like a warm hug that we oh so long for and is the show that will always be there for you. 

The Big Bang Theory 

Bazinga! Warner Bros. struck gold with this hilarious sitcom that celebrates the quirk and antics of a group of loveable nerds. From Sheldon's spot-on sarcasm to Howard's outrageous pick-up lines, this show has had us rolling on the floor with laughter. Whether it's the endless pop culture references or heart-warming moments, The Big Bang Theory is the ultimate formula for a guaranteed good time! 


We couldn't not include Supernatural! It is the longest-running WB series after all with an incredible 15 seasons.

The show originally followed Sam and Dean Winchester on a cross country road trip to find their missing father while they battled supernatural creatures. From its great cast to its compelling storylines, there are so many things to love about Supernatural!

The series is filled with monster hunts, epic battles, and a whole lot of brotherly love.

With WB shows, there seems to be a common theme with brothers... but we have to say one of the best things about what Supernatural has to offer is the relationship between Sam and Dean. Their bond is so strong and is definitely one of the many reasons why fans stuck by the show for so long. Fans live for these brotherly moments, and trust us, there are plenty of them for you to enjoy.


You is the ultimate binge-worthy thrill ride! This Warner Bros. gem has left us obsessed with the twisted mind of Joe Goldberg as he’s somehow managed to stalk his way into our hearts. From its dark humour to unexpected twists, You is like a guilty pleasure that we just can’t resist. This show is an irresistible blend of psychological thrills and swoon-worthy romance, and we are OBSESSED!  With being one of Warner Bros. more recent shows, we can’t wait to see what else Joe Goldberg has in store for us. We can only imagine it will be another wild journey that will leave us questioning our own internet search history!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer defined a generation of television and will forever remain iconic! The show was a pop culture phenomenon and even got itself a spin-off series, novels, comic books and nearly became an animated show!

Buffy made a whole generation of young women feel like they could do anything and we're so here for that! Looking back, its style inspired more series with women saving the day and opened the doors to so many opportunities for female characters.

From its witty one-liners to its memorable characters, Buffy kept us on the edge of our seats and left us craving more. We love Buffy and will always be one of those shows that we find ourselves rewatching over and over again. 

Gilmore Girls

Hands up if you grew up wishing you could have Lorelei as your mother? 

Yes, Gilmore Girls never shied away from showing that women make mistakes, BUT there was always an aspirational charm that led you to believe that everything would be alright because the Gilmores always had each other. The show's influence is pretty undeniable and has now become a huge part of pop culture which is rightly deserved. 

From its fashion, playlists and the fast-paced dialogue, it's so easy to understand why this show is such a cult phenomenon. 

Gossip Girl

You know you love me. XOXO, gossip girl.

Warner Bros. definitely served us up the juiciest guilty pleasure with Gossip Girl. Made up of jaw-dropping twists, glamorous fashion, and enough gossip to make even the most seasoned socialite blush, Gossip Girl was THE show we always wanted to watch (and still is!). 

From the iconic voice of Kristen Bell to the love triangles and outrageous scheming, Gossip Girl had us hooked like Blair Waldolf on headbands.

We fell in love with the characters and found ourselves immersively involved in the Upper East Side drama.


What was your favourite WB series?

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