Barbie Movie Review💖

Barbie Movie Review💖

Life in plastic, it's fantastic!

Now I'm sure you can all agree that Barbie has truly turned the world PINK the last couple of months and we have been living our best lives in our Barbie era!

From its marketing campaigns to Margot Robbie's outfits on the Barbie press tour, the excitement has been real for the movie release and now, the wait is FINALLY over as Barbie is OUT and playing on big screens everywhere.

We had the time of our lives visiting Barbie Land the past weekend and now we're so excited to share our thoughts and feelings on the new Barbie movie with you!

Where do we even start?!

Any woman who loves Barbie needs to see this movie and any woman who understands womanhood needs to see this movie.

Barbie is a fun, entertaining and empowering adventure that allows girls and women across the globe to resonate with the 'perfect' doll. 

This movie was not what we expected BUT then again, we didn't know what to expect. It was even better than we anticipated and touched on some very hard hitting topics but still maintained positivity and empowerment that we all know and love Barbie for. It beautifully balanced humour and adventure whilst showing emotional depth and you can really tell that this movie was made out of pure love for women.

From the value of friendship, courage, and perseverance to encouraging self-belief and breaking stereotypes, the values and powerful messages throughout this movie resonate with both children and adults alike. 

The story itself is both heart-warming and empowering and Barbie, as always, leads by example by showcasing her kindness, bravery, and determination. 

Something that we appreciated SO much was the talks about embracing negative emotions. Highlighting that it's okay to feel sad and cry, how change is a part of our lives and that it's fine to be scared of the future. Also, how it's okay not to be perfect all of the time and that it's fine not knowing what to do next and you're still figuring things out.

Several comments have been made about this movie being "Anti-man" but for us, this movie is a much needed tribute to womanhood and is pro-women without being too overly feminist. Barbie is about appreciating the beauty of being a woman and is such an important message that leaves you feeling proud to be a woman.

The Cast

Margot Robbie's portrayal of Barbie was absolutely phenomenal and sends out such a powerful message to young audiences. Margot's portrayal of the beloved doll really emphasises that beauty comes in various forms and intelligence and determination are equally as important qualities to cherish. Margot really is the perfect Barbie and delivered the role with such emotion and sincerity which was such a delight to watch on the big screen. We love you Margot.

Ryan Gosling as Ken...

Now we have to be honest, when we first heard that Ryan Gosling had been cast as Ken, we had our doubts BUT after seeing the movie, we take back everything we ever said.  

Ryan Gosling is the PERFECT Ken and we couldn’t imagine anybody else portraying that role as well as Ryan did. From his facial expressions, one liners and his singing?!?! (Grammy nomination pending?) A massive round of applause for Ken. Oh and he is kenough!!!

America Ferrara’s monologue expressing her disgust for women’s lifelong battle with needing to measure up to society’s unrealistic expectations of women is a true masterpiece! We’re pretty certain that every woman in the cinema felt seen and heard during that moment.

With 2 powerful stars playing the roles of Barbie and Ken, you would think that the secondary characters would be unnoteworthy, but for us, America Ferrera, Simi Liu, and Will Ferrell play their parts so well, not to mention every other Barbie and Ken, oh and Allan too.

We cannot fault the cast of this movie at all. Every actor, dancer and artist gave it their all. The whole cast blew us away and with the direction by Greta Gerwig, it led them to do it so effortlessly.

Oh and Greta Gerwig - what a woman. Greta has become a director that we have really come to appreciate and this movie is nothing short of amazing. Her writing and directing is just out of this world and she really did a spectacular job at bringing Barbie to life. We are now Greta Gerwig super fans.

This movie has everything a Barbie fan could ever ask for.

From the outfits to the doll references, what more could you ask for as a Barbie fan!? 

Visually, the set design in the movie is breath-taking. We would totally live in Barbie Land if it was a real place!

The costumes were incredible (we want them all!), the dance scenes were fun and the soundtrack is 10/10.

Billie Eilish's song "What Was I Made For" is a musical masterpiece and for the scene it was playing during = ICONIC. But do we expect anything less from Billie?! 

Barbie dives head first into many controversial topics including consumer culture, growing up, parental relationships and gender dynamics. What we found interesting (and inspiring) is that Mattel allowed the societal perceptions of Barbie to be examined and essentially, brought to life.

And finally, the nostalgia in this movie is immeasurable. It takes you right back to when we were little girls playing with our Barbie dolls. So, on behalf of the little girls inside of us, we would like to thank everyone who was a part of making this movie. 

Final thoughts

To sum it up, you don't have to have played with Barbies growing up to appreciate this movie. From laughing out loud to tearing up, this movie will have you going through all of the emotions. We even found ourselves singing "I'm Just Ken" on the car ride home.

The movie is for everyone to see and enjoy but ultimately "Barbie" is a film by women, about women, for women.

In a world that is ever changing, whether it is Barbie land or the real world, this movie has proven that Barbie is and will forever remain ICONIC.


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