Are you a Sith or Jedi? Star Wars Quiz

Are you a Sith or Jedi? Star Wars Quiz

Have you ever wondered if you would make a better Jedi or if you truly belong to the dark side? I know that we have!

To find our true place in the Star Wars universe, we have created our very own quiz for all you Star Wars fans out there to help you discover whether you are a Jedi master or if you truly belong on the dark side.

The force is strong within you but for what side?

Are you a Sith lord or a Jedi master? Or are you something in between? Take our quiz to find out which side you belong to. If you're upset with what you got, never fear just rewind and take the quiz again!

Remember, you can always be turned to the light or the dark side easily BUT try to resist the dark at all costs!

May the force be with you.

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Ahsoka - August 30, 2023

I love these star wars quizzes make more may the force be with you.

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