An interview with VanillaSyndrome

An interview with VanillaSyndrome

All over Instagram we see content creators and fashion bloggers building followings and careers for themselves just from opening up their lives (and wardrobes) to the world of social media. 

Through the power of social, alternative fashion influencers are thriving like never before and we love to see it!

Federica aka @vanillasyndrome is an Italian content creator living in the UK who has a huge passion for alternative fashion and photography. From Nightmare before Christmas content to alternative fashion inspo, Federica's feed and content is awesome! So much so, over the years she has built up a following of 51,000 followers!

Here at VU we love working with content creators, so we thought it would be great to (virtually) sit down with vanillasyndrome to talk about all things content and fashion!

What made you decide to start blogging/creating content?

I started by looking at a lot of inspirational people who then made me want to start myself.

How did you build up your following?

I guess thanks to my consistency and hopefully quality haha!

You always create content that looks so natural and effortless. How long does it take you to create content?

Well it takes a lot more time than people can think! First, I think about the outfit, then I need to look for the right location, go there, shoot and do a bit of post editing so this could take longer than a day!

Do you have a weekly schedule to help you plan out what content you are going to upload?

Yes, I usually post 3-4 posts per week.

What is your favourite type of content to produce?

Fashion content in a beautiful location.

What/who inspires you?

All the beautiful creators out there, my passion for art and photography and so many other things!

Pros and cons of being a content creator?

Cons: having a full-time job is really hard to be consistent as a creator, since doing it properly is a real additional job.

Pros: You can meet a lot of wonderful people and you can work with most of the brands you love.

Just from looking at your Instagram feed, we know that you love fashion - what would you say is your favourite season to style for?

Autumn, 100%! I love the colours, the atmosphere, and I can layer multiple clothes to make more elaborate outfits (without being as cold as winter haha).

What would you say is the easiest type of content to create?

Flat lays definitely, and I love creating them haha!

As a fashion lover, do you have any tips on how to piece together the perfect outfit?

Personally, I start from one specific item (like shoes, bags, etc) and then I build the outfit from it.

Do you think there is any stigma associated with being an influencer/blogger?

Absolutely, people think that we just post pictures and get free followers/likes without any effort, while it actually takes LOADS of effort and time (and consistency) to do it properly.

What advice would you give to someone who wishes to start their own account?

Do what you love and be consistent, don't give up even if it looks hard!

What are your goals for 2022?

Improve my skills as a YouTuber and find as many beautiful locations as I can to make wonderful photoshoots.

Any final words of wisdom?

Stay safe and have fun! :) 

We have loved working with @vanillasyndrome over the past few months and we hope to continue working with Federica in the near future. 

If you would like to shop some of the items we have gifted Federica in the past then head over to our website.




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