An interview with Mamadoitblog

An interview with Mamadoitblog

Lifestyle and mummy bloggers are thriving like never before. Every day we see new parents building a following and careers for themselves from showcasing their lives as parents through social media.

Mandy aka @mamadoitblog on Instagram is a full time mum, parent and lifestyle blogger from Kent. Mandy has two little girls called Bella and Flo. Desperate for a creative outlet to write about the good,bag and ugly of motherhood, back in 2019 Mandy started a blog called 'Mamadoitblog'. Since then she has continued to blog about craft ideas, learning through play, honest parenting, mama and mini fashion, beauty alongside uploading daily to her Instagram account which has over 23,000 followers!

As a business that love working with content creators and mummy influencers, we thought it would be great to (virtually) sit down with Mandy to talk about all things Instagram, content creating and parenthood.

What made you decide to start blogging/creating content?

I have always loved writing and I worked in publishing before I had the girls. I started my blog because I wanted a space to document my days with the girls, the highs and lows and I also found that my blog worked as a kind of therapy and a release for getting my feelings out. I never set out with the intention to become an “influencer” or to create content but over the past four and a half years, I have built really good relationships with a variety of brands and I now live for creating content!

What was the inspiration behind your name 'Mamdoitblog'?

When I first started my blog, my Daughter Bella had just turned two and her favourite phase at the time was “Mama do it” and that inspired me to name by blog Mamadoitblog.

How did you build up your following?

It’s a slow and steady process, I have spent the past four and a half years building up relationships with other mums, bloggers and influencers, we support each other and engage on each other’s content. Engagement is so important, you have to throw yourself out there, creating relatable and good quality content also helps. The use of hashtags also helps, make sure they are relevant and mix it up each time.

You also have your own blog - how do you decide what you are going to blog about?

I always wanted my blog to be about the trials and tribulations of parenting, plus I wanted to share my own experiences as a Mum. As I started to work with brands, I introduced different topics to my blog including days out, toy reviews, beauty reviews and other lifestyle topics.

How long does it take you to create content?

If the content revolves around the girls it can take a while! It completely depends on their mood and what we are reviewing. Some days we smash it and get lots of great content but other days it feels like I’m pulling teeth. I put a lot of effort into creating content and always pre-plan what props I’m going to use, where I’m going to shoot and what the girls and I are wearing.

Do you have a weekly schedule to help you plan out what content you are going to upload?

I do try and keep a weekly schedule, but I’m going to be completely honest and admit that I don’t always stick to it. My advice would be to set realistic targets and definitely invest in a social media planner, they are a life saver!

What is your favourite type of content to produce?

I really enjoy creating fashion content, I like to have fun with it and use accessories or props to make the outfit stand out. I am starting to branch out into more lifestyle, and I’m really enjoying that.

Do your girls have a say in the content creation process?

Bella my eldest Daughter is now starting to give ideas on how we could do reels. Flo my youngest and more sassier of the two, is a free spirit and she is completely responsible for her own poses and catwalk reels. I try and go with their flow as much as possible as it produces the best content when they are relaxed and happy.

What kind of content do your girls like to create?

The girls favourite content would be toy reviews! They are so lucky and get to work with lots of different toy brands. For me that’s one of the most stressful as I tend to shoot a reel, take pics and videos all at the same time, so behind the scenes it’s a bit full on!

Pros and cons of being a content creator?

Pros of being a content creator is it allows you to work with lots of amazing brands both paid and gifted. It allows to get creative and take lots of pretty pictures and it gives me the girls and I lots of opportunities.

Cons would be it’s very time consuming and stressful when you’re juggling lots of different deadlines. Kids will be kids and they don’t always want to play ball. It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain a social media page.

Do you think there is any stigma associated with being a parent blogger?

I hear the phrase  “oh you’re so lucky, you get everything for free” a lot, which is very frustrating as it takes a lot of effort and time to create content, followed by engagement. Being a content creator is a full time job and I don’t think a lot of people realise that.

What advice would you give to someone who wishes to start their own account?

Figure out your niche, your target audience and check out influencers in the same field. Who are they working with? Don’t be afraid to approach brands, if I feel that we are a good fit and my followers would be interested in a product, I would always approach a brand, if you don’t ask you don’t get.

Take good quality pictures and content and keep it consistent. Maintain the same style, lighting, filters throughout your page. I use a great editing app called Lensa and InStories is a great story editing app.

Any final words of wisdom?

Have fun and enjoy it! Social media shouldn’t be stressful. Create content about the things you love and are passionate about, don’t compare yourself to others and just do you!

 We've loved working with Mandy, Bella and Flo over the past few months and we hope to continue working with Mandy and the girls in the near future.

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