An Interview with Lauren Tessa

An Interview with Lauren Tessa

 For several years now, the horror/alternative community has continued to grow over on social media. For fans of horror movies and alternative fashion, people with a love for all things spooky have joined together to share their passion for all things alternative and until recently, we didn't realise just how HUGE the community really is!

Lauren first started her Instagram @laurentessa12 back in 2018 to share her love for all things spooky. Fast forward three years and Lauren now has 11k followers and still has a real passion for sharing content!

Here at Vanilla Underground we love Lauren's feed and the content that she produces so we thought it would be great to (virtually) sit down with Lauren and ask her about all things spooky and of course, Instagram!

What is your favourite thing about creating content?

My favourite thing is just being able to express everything I love with everyone. I’ve managed to find so many friends with similar interest such as horror movies and alternative fashion. It’s such an amazing community where we all share the new things we find and just send each other so much love and encouragement. 

What/who inspires you?

I think my biggest inspirations are my fellow friends in this horror/alternative community they are all so amazing with such unique styles. I’ll list a few below for you all to check out :)






How long does it take you to create content?

I usually spend my weekends creating content. It takes me just over an hour to do my makeup and hair usually. Then I spend a few hours taking all the photos. It’s actually surprising how long it can take sometimes 😂 but I have so much fun taking the photos the time just flies by.

How did you build up your following?

It’s a very long process building your own following. Mines taken a few years. I think what I do is always checking accounts who use similar hashtags to me. Finding others that like the same things as I do and just interacting with there posts. Most of the time they are happy to find you as well and they will usually show some love back 🖤

Favorite season to style for?

Oh this is such a hard question! Obviously I love the autumn specifically because of Halloween, however I love the summer time. I love styling pretty dresses and wearing shorts and a graphic T-shirt in the summer. 

How would you describe your style?

My style is definitely on the spooky side ☠️ i love alternative fashion and I’m influenced by anything Halloween or horror related. 

If you could live by any quote, which one would you choose and why?

I only know how to do me. So that’s what I’m going to do!

I love this quote because it just reminds me to always be myself because I do it best. 

Can you talk us through your content creation process?

There’s lots of things that goes into the process. I have a journal where I write lots of ideas and latest inspirations. I like to look at it when I get into a bit of a slump and not sure what to do. 

I then plan my weekend and decide what kind of photos I want to take. Usually on Sunday evening I go over all the content I’ve made, pick my favourite photos and start editing them. I like to make my photos have a vintage effect to them because I just really like that aesthetic. 

Any advice for people out there who would like to start an Instagram account?

My only advice would be just be yourself. Don’t try and copy or be someone else. It’s okay to take inspiration from others but people will connect with you more if you just be yourself. 😊Also make sure your posting consistently because people want to see you! 

Favourite horror movie? It chapter one 

Favourite book? Twilight 

Favourite video game? Skyrim

We've loved working with Lauren over the past few months and always look forward to seeing what content she's going to produce next.

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