All about Marvel's Phase Four Movie Schedule

All about Marvel's Phase Four Movie Schedule

Exciting things are happening in the MCU! 

This week, Marvel Studios released what has been described as a monster of a trailer celebrating past MCU films alongside giving fans a sneak peek into Phase Four. 

New movie titles, new footage,release dates and more!

After sitting out 2020 entirely due to delays caused by Coronavirus, Marvel Studios is set to have a massive 2021 (and 2022 and 2023!).

The new teaser video entitled “Marvel Studios Celebrates The Movies” showcases what fans can expect from the Marvel Universe over the next few years alongside recapping chunks of the MCU’s biggest moments. 

Alongside celebrating the legacy of the franchise, the new Phase 4 trailer offers a bunch of new info and even a touching voice over from the late and great Stan Lee - which left us extremely emotional!

Obviously, we already knew about the upcoming titles that are coming out in the next few months, but what we didn’t know is the release dates for all the other movies!

You can watch Marvel’s new “Celebrate The Movies” trailer below:

Marvel's Phase Four is finally on a roll! It began with the series premiere of WandaVision on Disney + back in January and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in March. We'll also be getting another TV show in the form of Loki - which premiers on Disney + in June and lets just say, we are already counting down the days!

The highly-anticipated Phase Four will be known as the beginning of the Post-Infinity Saga with everything being set after Avengers: Endgame (2019).

Up until now we haven’t really heard much on the film front apart from the release of Black Widow being delayed again and again. The silence has now been broken and now we have well and truly been spoilt with new movies and even release dates!

To keep you up to date, we're here to map out the next several years for you. So here is the new full lineup of the MCU Phase Four movies:

Black Widow - July 2021

Set to be released in cinemas and on Disney + on July 9th 2021.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings - September 3rd 2021

We already know that Marvel will be making history with this Asian- led film. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will be released on September 3rd 2021.

Eternals - November 5th 2021

The new MCU movie follows an eponymous immortal alien race which is created by the Celestials, who have been secretly been living on Earth for over seven thousand years. After an unexpected tragedy, the Eternals reunite to fight their evil counterparts, the Deviants, to protect humanity. The film will be set after the events of Avengers: Endgame and ties in with Guardians of the Galaxy. Eternals will be released on November 5th 2021.

Spider-Man: No Way Home - December 17th 2021

Tom Holland is BACK! Spider-Man: No Way Home is set for release on December 17th 2021.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness - March 25th 2022.

Thor: Love and Thunder - May 6th 2022

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever - July 8th 2022

The Black Panther sequel has an official release date of July 8th 2022. 

The Marvels - November 2022

The sequel to Captain Marvel 2 is now officially titled The Marvels and is set to be released November 11th 2022.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania - February 2023

The third installment of the Ant Man franchise will be called Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and will be released on February 17th 2023.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 - May 5th 2023

Release date of May 5th 2023 AND a new logo!

Marvel Studios have also teased the release of Fantastic Four, however in typical Marvel fashion they did not provide us with a title or a release date. So we have to be patient with that one!

The Phase 4 video really hit us all in the feels and we are so excited for what is yet to come from the Marvel Universe. You best believe that we will be the first at the cinemas to watch all the latest releases! 

If you need us, we will be adding the next ten Marvel movies to our calendars. 

See you at the movies!



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