A virtual chat with Diagon Elly!

A virtual chat with Diagon Elly!

Through the power of magic (and social media), the number of Harry Potter fans dedicating their social feeds to the wizarding world has continued to grow over the years. There is so much magical content out there and we are so here for it! 

Elly, also known as @Diagon_Elly_ on Instagram started dedicating her Instagram feed to Harry Potter back in 2019. Since then her following has grown and now has over 14k followers and has never looked back! 

Elly started her account to have somewhere to keep all her memories and photos of her Harry Potter trips in one place. Now it has turned into something that she is very proud of and has a lot of fun with!

Here at VU we are massive Wizarding World fans, so we wanted to virtually sit down with Elly to talk about her journey on Instagram and of course, talk all things Harry Potter and the Wizarding World.

What/who is your biggest inspiration?

The HP community! Obviously I get so much inspiration from the books and the films at the beginning of making my account but as time went on, the friends I have made through this account just inspire me to keep the magic alive! 

With over 14,000 followers on Instagram, how did you build up your following?

I have had my account for 3 years now, so it does take time! I think just keeping it fun and getting people excited about the magic within HP is what I wanted to bring to my account, and just hoped it came across whenever I posted! I just kept posting constantly and made great friends who are fantastic at supporting my account! 

What is your favourite type of content to produce?

I think this may be different to what other people prefer to be posted on Instagram but I actually LOVE making reels! I enjoy making almost mini vlogs of my magical days out to WB Tour and other events. I just love being able to look back at old memories in a short video!

How long does it take you to create content?

It all really depends on what I'm doing really! Some reels can take hours, from filming little snippets of a day out, to editing the clips together, adding/making filters, editing thumbnails! The funny thing is, the content I spend the least time on always seems to do the best, always the way haha. Maybe sometimes, less really is more!

How do you maintain a work/life balance alongside creating social content?

With me, I kind of go through waves of being really into my account and wanting to spend all my free time making and editing content and other days I will just want to not be on Instagram and spend time with my friends/family!

Favourite season to create content for?

AUTUMN AUTUMN AUTUMN!! I think Harry Potter just screams cosy nights in! I love making content of cosy evenings and Halloween & Christmas trips to WB Tour London! Somehow the weather and the air just feels a bit more magical in Autumn! 

Who/what are some of your favourite HP accounts?

 Oh my gosh, there are TOO many to name all of my favourites but definitely - @pensive_pot, @wight_noize, @just_anotherhufflepuff, @potterwatchuk, @misswizardingworld, @magic.her.way & @whimsicallynicolette are up there with my all time favourites! 

Although, just scrolling through my following, every single one is just amazing and brings me so much joy! 

If you could live by any Harry Potter character, who would you choose?

The Weasleys 100%!! Imagine being able to pop next door and have a nice cup of tea made for you by Molly - I would cry haha!

What's it like being a part of the Wizard World community? 

I can't even describe how amazing it feels to be a part of such a lovely and supportive community. I never thought in a million years that when starting my account I would make friends for life but I have and I am so so grateful! 

I just can't believe how much the love for the series is still alive, connecting people from all around the world. It really is so magical geeking out with people who love something as much as you do! 

Now we've noticed that you have been to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London a fair few times, what would you say is your favourite thing about the tour?

Haha yes I have! It is my favourite place to spend my time when I can. My favourite part of the tour has to be either The Great Hall or Gringotts. I remember the first time walking through the doors to The Great Hall and just crying as it was like a dream come true to step in to something I have cherished for so many years!

Where are some of your favourite spots to take pictures?

At WB Tour London, I find myself always wanting photos of The Great Hall as it is always changing season to season! I would say the best places to take photos are - The Great Hall doors, Dumbledore's Office, Privet Drive, The Knight Bus, the Greenhouse & Gringotts!

Favourite Harry Potter movie/scene and why?

This is a hard one! One of my favourites is actually the first time Harry steps in to Diagon Alley, I just remember seeing it for the first time and thinking I wanted to be a part of that world so badly!

Another one is a scene in Deathly Hallows P2, the battle is going on in the courtyard and it just plays the amazing chilling music. I saw in a video breakdown of this scene that if you look closely enough you can actually see all of the creatures that Harry has fought over his years in this scene!

And I have to give an honourable mention to Hermione punching Draco in POA - what a queen!!

Which book in the series is your favourite?

Probably Goblet of Fire! I just love the build up to going back to Hogwarts, such as the Quidditch World Cup and explanation of all the trials is amazing, we get so much more detail in the books than the films! 

If you could be any character from Harry Potter, who would you be and why?

I think this may be an obvious one but Hermione! I would love to be as smart and brave as her at that age, she is my comfort character!

So we know that you're a Gryffindor, but if you had to choose another Hogwarts house to be a part of, which one would you choose and why?

I think it would have to be Ravenclaw! I love learning new things and always ready to take on new things and try to be the best I can! I think the traits of this house are brill! I'd like to think I am quite witty but on the other hand I also think I am a bit of a perfectionist so I think I would fit well! I can imagine their common room would be so magical too.

Talking of Gryffindor... who is your favourite?

I absolutely love Neville! You feel so sorry for him in the beginning of the series, but he is such a good friend and like Dumbledore says "It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies. But a great deal more to stand up to your friends."  He just has such a brilliant hero story in the end! We love Neville!

What Quidditch position would you play?

I mean, I am not the most athletic person and would definitely take the position of "supportive friend in the stalls" haha! 

If I were to play though, I would love to play a Seeker. Imagine the feeling when you've caught the Golden Snitch and win the game for your teammates!

What is your Patronus?

Mine is a Crow! I didn't really like it at first but I have grown to love it and it suits me well. I always seem to spot them when I'm on walks with my dog too (I think I just look out for them now lol!)

If you could cast any spell, which one would you choose?

I would love to be able to cast a Patronus Charm, would be handy if ever caught off guard by a nasty dementor! 

If you could live at any Harry Potter location, which one would you pick?

Hogwarts of course! I mean, not the safest place in the world as we have seen but I think I would get over it being able to say I've lived at Hogwarts...swings and roundabouts haha!

Would you rather have the Elder Wand or the Invisibility Cloak?

Invisibility Cloak for sure! I would love to be able to sneak around or avoid people if I'm having a day where I want to hide haha! The Elder Wand is quite a scary object and I think I would be scared to have that much power!

Do you have a favourite piece of Harry Potter merch?

My favourite one that I own is definitely the Marauders Map, I love the design so so much and it just feels so magical every time I get it out!

What would be your top tips for any inspiring Potterheads who want to create their own Harry Potter social account?

Just enjoy it! Don't post anything that you don't enjoy, it's so easy to get anxious and over think your content and try to post what you think other people will want to see (I am guilty of this! I started to not enjoy my account the more I overthought it!).

Definitely stay consistent with posting and find your niche of content you like creating and try to keep it going. It doesn't have to be everyday but a few times a week will help!

Oh and make FRIENDS! When creating an account, it opens up a whole new world that even I at first didn't even know existed. The friends you make and interact with will make your time on the account so much more enjoyable.

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