6 Lesser-Known Facts About Hey Duggee!

6 Lesser-Known Facts About Hey Duggee!

What's not to love about a big loveable dog that LOVES to have fun? 

In case you didn't know (but you probably do), Duggee runs an activity club for pre-schoolers that inspires children to learn, be energetic, have fun and most of all, to do things!

The popular UK-based animated series is produced by Studio AKA in collaboration with BBC Studios and created by Grant Orchard. Since 2016, Hey Duggee has become a global sensation and is loved by millions of 2-5 year olds across the globe. Parents even love Hey Duggee too! (Don't be ashamed if you are one of them). 

The Squirrel Club is a place for kids to participate in different activities, go on adventures, and receive badges for their achievements. Being the leader of the Squirrels, it is Duggee's responsibility to organise their activities and make sure everyone is having fun!

The show takes young viewers on a fun journey of discovery and we absolutely love Hey Duggee! Whether you have watched it or not, you must've heard about it at some point in your life. 

As one of the most popular kids TV shows, we've curated a list of lesser-known facts about Hey Duggee.

Who is Duggee?

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Aside from being a loveable big brown dog, Duggee is an incredible organiser, a brilliant friend and a wonderful host who is the Squirrel Club leader and oversees planning of all the activities at the club. He mainly speaks in woofs but is understood by all the squirrels.

"The Stick Song" is an internet sensation

As a parent you have probably lost count of how many times you have listened to this song. After the 10th listen it can become irritating but you've got to secretly admit that it's equally as catchy! The song has become THAT popular there is even a heavy metal version which we highly recommend listening to when the original becomes unbearable.

Meet the Squirrel Club 

There are five members of The Squirrel Club: Betty the octopus, Happy the crocodile, Norrie the mouse, Roly the hippopotamus and Tag the rhino. Each member of The Squirrel Club has a unique personality that complements the others in the most fun and hilarious ways. 

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Have you noticed that the show constantly reinforces the importance of teamwork? The notion of teamwork is shown through the earning of the badges, meaning the club members go above and beyond to make each other feel valued, important and included. Go Squirrel Club! Next time you watch an episode make sure to spot this. It's more notably demonstrated in the bookends of every episode.

Thumbs up for Inclusion

From same sex couples to adoption, Hey Duggee is a show that has made sure to be inclusive and no big fuss is made about it either. There is a same sex couple in Mr Crab and his partner, Nigel AND Happy the crocodile lives with his mum, who is an elephant. The inclusivity used in Hey Duggee is subtle enough that we aren't necessarily supposed to think about it but instead, we simply just accept it. Much like we should in the real world. 

Alexander Armstrong is the narrator 

It's a common fact that Alexander Armstrong has one of the greatest speaking voices in the world. And if you're thinking... who's Alexander Armstrong? Think Danger Mouse, Doctor Who AND Pointless! Now you know who we're talking about...

Hey Duggee is a gender-neutral show

But it wasn't a conscious decision to make it a gender-neutral show... 

The setting of Hey Duggee is quite simply a club full of kids who all have different personalities, like any real group of kids. And as Grant Orchard said... "Kids personalities are not allocated by their sex." 

Creator of the show, Grant Orchard also said "The way we treat characters on the show, we don't think about gender at all. We simply try to be fair in how many times each character stands out in an episode. If there's a story about an active kid we're not going to be like "That's got to be a boy," but we think, "Let's see which character hasn't had much to do recently." We try to be as fair as possible and not leave any of the kids in the show on the side lines." 

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